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6 Most Expensive Wedding Music Performances


Weddings are a special occasion, not for the couple alone but also for the two families and the entire brethren of relatives, friends and social circles. While weddings can be planned at reasonable budgets, the high and mighty, rich and prosperous doesn’t have budget constraints. Not only are there no stringent budgets but the rich and famous also want to indulge in luxurious weddings. For them, the occasion is not just a customary event to bring near and dear ones together to witness and be an integral part of the holy matrimonial ceremony and to partake in the jubilations but to exuberate life without the hindrances that ordinary folks are compelled with.

There is no dearth of expensive weddings in the world. The royal weddings, reception parties thrown by the millionaires and billionaires all across the world and the big fat weddings are now more common than the rarity that they were in the last century. The world has more billionaires and millionaires than ever before. While royal families are on a decline and there are very few monarchies or kingdoms in the world today, private or personal wealth is on the rise and the rich know how to spend.

The Most Expensive Wedding Music Ever is a brief list of some of the many lavish weddings and wedding expenditures that have been recorded in recent times. You may have heard of a guest list of five hundred people, a cruise wedding or an exotic island wedding but you may not have heard of a wedding where an artist gets paid a whopping $1 million to simply sing a few songs and shake their waist while the guests revel in the jubilatory atmosphere. If you are shaken or stirred by the $1 million check then you might be stunned when the expense goes up to $3 million or $3.6 million. And those expenses are not for the entire wedding, not even close. Those expenses are just for the music. The artists or only one artist in some cases, traveling to the venue, performing for barely thirty minutes or in some cases a bit longer or shorter duration, and the expense climbs up like clockwork.

The info-graphic will introduce you to some weddings from across the world where the expense on music has been anywhere from $200,000 to $4 million. Imagine what the entire wedding costs would have been in these instances.

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