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6 Fantastic B2B Sales Techniques

Anyone can sell. The reality of modern life is that we are selling something nearly every day. When we convince someone to see a movie or TV show that we want, then a sale has taken place. In the B2B sales world, contacting prospects and building relationships isn’t the difficult part of the journey. Businesses naturally work and network with each other. The issue in this niche of the sales world is in the close.

For any B2B sales techniques to work, you’ve got to be able to close the deal eventually. At some point, you’ve got to press a call to action so that a prospect is motivated to become a customer. Here are some of the best ways to close the deal that you can use starting right now.

1. Let the Money Talk

A financial closing is often the best B2B sales technique to use. Most businesses have their budget as their bottom line. If you can fit your products into the spending that has been authorized, then you’ll have a better shot at winning some business. There will be times when you can also close financially when your goods or services can save a B2B customers cash in the future for a one-time expense outside of their budget today. It always boils down to value here. If there is a large gap between their cost and the value you provide, then there is a better chance to close the sale.

2. Scarcity Speaks

B2B customers are the same as B2C customers in one specific way: they will delay to get a better deal. If you don’t set a timeline for your sales funnel to be completed, then you might just find B2B prospects stringing you along to see if they can get a better deal. In the B2C world, scarcity comes from a lack of product. In the B2B world, scarcity comes from a lack of time. Deadlines are everywhere. If your goods or services can help meet a deadline for a fair, competitive price, then you’ll have a better chance of closing on a sale.

3. Go Hands-On

A sympathy factor in sales will go a long way toward generating more of a “need” than a “want” for your goods or services. Think about it this way: when you go to a car dealership, you’re invited to test drive a vehicle you might be interested in having. This is done so you can go hands-on with the product. You get to experience a taste of the value it can provide. The same can be done with your B2B goods and services. Give them a taste of what you’ve got to offer. If it tastes good, then they’ll be back for more.

4. Sometimes Talk Is Cheap

Humans are visual creatures at their very core. This is why some of the most effective branding and messaging occurs in graphic form today. Have a nice graphic, put some text on it, and people will read it. Say the same thing in an email and the same people yawn and talk about how you’re irrelevant. Talk can be cheap. You can speak for hours on end about how awesome your goods or services happen to be, but one look at what you’ve got can seal the deal.

5. Pros and Cons

Sometimes your B2B customers need a little help visualizing how the benefits outweigh the risks of investing into your product. A simple list of pros and cons can help to understand your product in a better way. What’s great about this closing technique is that it also doubles as a relationship builder. You can prove that you’ve been listening to your prospects by showing them the advantages of using your product and then weigh it against potential disadvantages.

6. What Would You Do?

What would it take for you to purchase your own goods or services? Answer this question as honestly as you can. Why? Because the answer that you find is also what your B2B customers are going to need to make a purchase as well. If you don’t see a way that you’d ever purchase what you represent, then you’ve already lost the battle. Passion matters. Finding goods or services to be worthless will cause others to do the same.

B2B sales techniques always come down to the close. How do you take that prospect through the last final steps in your sales funnel? Use these techniques to close better on each opportunity and you may just find more sales success in your future.

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