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11 Great Facebook Tips for Small Businesses


Here are the key details from this infographic…

1) Varied Content Is Important.
Successful Facebook pages have a great deal of original content created for the particular page. This content is not only interesting, but it is also directed towards what other people find important. Along with creating this unique content, make sure the content is varied. Write about more then just one subject, and find ways to link the various subjects together. The more things you spend time touching on, the easier it will be to draw new people in.

2) Facebook Can Be Used As A Tool For Your Business.
Some companies have begun adopting Facebook as a means to handle aspects of their business. For example, these companies use Facebook as their customer service center. By contacting and working with people through the public face of the Facebook page, companies can draw increased interest and attention to their social presence.

3) Create a Comfortable Atmosphere Where People Can Experiment.
Whether it is moderating conversation or creating a place where people can express themselves without fear of judgment, creating a comfortable atmosphere for your Facebook page can go a long way to drawing more people in.

4) Engage.
If you want an active Facebook page, then you have to do more then just post content. Take the initiative and engage your Facebook friends. Ask them question relating to what you are talking about, and do your best to engage them in your process. The more engaged they are, the greater the chance that they will contribute and bring more people into the conversation.

5) Promote Yourself And Others.
At the heart of every good Facebook page is a network of relationships between various Facebook users. Whether this be your personal page or a business page, having friends that you promote is an excellent way to build up a good relationship with these pages as well as potentially get traffic in your direction.

6) Gather Information.
Who is your target audience? It you want to work on promoting your Facebook page, then you need to have an understanding of the kinds of people who will enjoy your page. To this end, use your Facebook page as a means to gather information regarding your friends likes and dislikes. Build up an understanding of who is supporting you, and compare that to your model. With the information you have gathered, you will be better able to market yourself to groups in the future.

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