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6 ESTP Compatibility Findings for Relationships and Dating

ESTPs are often impulsive, rational, and competitive. A person with this type of personality will be very energetic and driven and will also enjoy being the center of attention. ESTPs often enjoy dates that involve lots of activity, rather than having conversations about feelings. That’s because most ESTPs don’t understand other people’s emotions well.

On top of that, ESTPs tend to have difficulties sharing their own emotions and feelings. Because of this tendency, many ESTP partners feel unsupported because they’ll seek affirmation that ESTPs aren’t always capable of giving.

#1 ESTP Character Traits

Since ESTPs tend to be impulsive and also have no qualms about taking risks, they can wind up making poor decisions at times. ESTPs also have a very energetic, magnetic personality that tends to attract others. Since they are so enthusiastic, ESTPs can be fun to have around, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. That’s because, with an ESTP, there’s never a dull moment and plenty of entertainment to go around.

ESTPs can also be very competitive and driven, and they also enjoy being the center of attention. The also enjoy adrenaline-charged activities on dates, instead of experiencing emotional conversations with their potential partners. Most ESTPs enjoy living in the moment, and they can be very creative people. Their energetic nature attracts others to their magnetic personalities, making most ESTPs great leaders. It can be difficult for an ESTP to maintain a long-term relationship, but they have plenty of strengths that make them excellent long-term partners.

#2 ESTPs in Relationships

ESTPs also don’t have any doubts when it comes to approaching another person. They are very charming and do a great job of captivating others. Since they also possess beautiful senses of humor, they can get through awkward moments in a relationship with ease. Early on in their relationships, ESTPs can be very charming and romantic. If you are in a relationship with an ESTP, then you are bound to have a great adventure with plenty of fun moments. ESTPs are also remarkable lovers because they are entertaining when it comes to intimacy. Once they’ve decided to stick with somebody long-term, they are also very loyal to their significant others.

ESTPs make great long-term partners, but they aren’t always out for a long-term partnership. Many ESTPS aren’t eager to commit to a long-term relationship immediately. For an ESTP, there has to be something special about that other person for them to cross that line. So, most ESTPs will go slow when they are interested in somebody, and they’ll observe the slow process of the relationship. Unfortunately, much of this also has to do with the fact that ESTPs enjoy keeping their options available. That’s because ESTPs will start looking for a new partner if they feel things aren’t going well with the current relationship. ESTPs do tend to get bored quickly in relationships because of how enthusiastic they are. If the ESTP doesn’t stop working on this issue, he or she may wind up jumping from one relationship to the next without experiencing any sincere commitments.

#3 ESTP Dating Strengths

ESTPs love to seek out thrills and have reliable energy when it comes to living their lives. So, most ESTPs find dating to be very adventurous and thrilling. Since ESTPs enjoy new adventures and educational conversations, they often enjoy dating. Most ESTPs are also open sexually to trying new things, which is part of their adventurous streak. ESTPs perform well under pressure and can remain calm when times get tough.

#4 ESTP Dating Weaknesses

ESTPs do have difficulties committing to somebody long-term. That’s partially because they find dating to be so fun, but also because they can feel bored and stifled in long-term relationships. ESTPs don’t always do well handling the monotony that is part of being in a long-term relationship. Some ESTPs may also struggle to connect with their partners intimately because they can be rational and detached in relationships, rather than staying connected to their partners. That can make them difficult to handle at times when they feel emotional about things.

#5 ESTP Compatible Partners

ESTPs work well in long-term relationships with a few personality types. Below we list the most compatible partners for an ESTP.

ESTP and ISFJ Compatibility
ISFJs are loving, nurturing people that can be very kind and tender when dealing with their partners. ISFJs are also great about turning into other’s emotions, which means they are perfect for balancing out the rational ESTP. ISFJs and ESTPs both have something to teach the other and can work together to balance each other. Also, a relationship between these two personality types can allow both partners to grow.

ESTP and ISTJ Compatibility
ISTJs are loyal, dependable people that tend to be a little shy, but also caring. ISTJs aren’t extremely emotional people, but they are very supportive when times get tough. That means they’ll work well with an ESTP because ESTPs are also not into emotions. Both the ESTP and ISTJ enjoy showing love by performing romantic gestures.

ESTP and ISTP Compatibility
ISTPs enjoy being by themselves, and ESTPs are great at understanding small details when it comes to empathy. So, these two personality types wind up, making an excellent match for each other because they are both very willing to be easygoing and spontaneous at the same time. ESTPs and ISTPs both process information in a similar way, which is an immense strength for this couple. Both ESTPs and ISTPs tend to view the world logically.

ESTP and ESTJ Compatibility
ESTJs are logical, social leaders that can be rigid with others at times. ESTJs get along well with ESTPs because they share many similar traits. For example, both of these personality types are logical, social, charming, and inclined to be leaders. The primary difference between these two is their flexibility. However, they can balance each other out well since one partner is more oriented toward planning, and the other tends to go with the flow.

#6 ESTP Non-Compatible Partners

Remember, even non-compatible partners can still have a good relationship with each other since people can learn to adjust to each other. So, if you’re worried about appearing on the list below, that doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship doesn’t stand a chance. Regardless, the following personality types are least likely to get along well with an ESTP.

ESTP and INTP: Non-Compatible
INTPs enjoy theories and deep conversations about philosophy. INTPs are also loners that many people find to be eccentric and odd. INTPs often spend time figuring out how the world works to them, and they want to be able to process everything. For an extroverted ESTP, handling such an introverted partner can be challenging. That’s because the ESTP would instead go out into the world and be social than hanging out at home alone.

ESTP and INFJ: Non-Compatible
INFJs are also loners that enjoy being by themselves rather than going out into the world. INFJs are also very empathetic, but they can be strict when it comes to plans. INFJs are also interested in emotions, which the ESTP finds difficult to understand. ESTPs struggle with emotional expression, and also enjoy going with the flow. So, the INFJ may also be too rigid for the ESTP.


People with the ESTP personality type are exciting and fun to date, always seeking the next thrill. If you work to share your emotions and feelings with one another, there is a great possibility that you will be in it for the long haul.

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