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6 Engagement Strategies for First Year Employees


Having a team that is more engaged with how processes are done in the office can positively affect your bottom line. They will be more productive, loyal to your business, and passionate about the work that they’re doing. This leaves many business owners wondering how they can improve employee engagement.

Tip 1: Making a Great Impression
First impressions are everything, not only when you’re meeting someone for the first time but also when potential employees are coming into your business. When you have new hires, give them the information that they need to start out and then give them positive recognition when they do something correctly. The relationship that you have with your employees is essential for a positive work environment.

Tip 2: Check in with Employees
Although many people love to be left alone to do their job, it’s still important that you reach out to your team to make sure that everyone is doing well. Make sure that you connect with your supervisors and managers by hosting a luncheon as it can give you a prime opportunity to get to know your team in a new light. Frequently ask if anyone needs anything and if there’s anything that you can do to improve their experience in the company.

Tip 3: Setting the Right Goals
Every business has an array of tasks and goals that they need to complete by a certain date and keeping your employees apprised of these goals is essential. Every time that someone reaches a milestone and helps their team, give them the recognition they deserve. People will be more likely to put in more effort so you can see that they’re doing a great job as well.

Tip 4: Showing Appreciation
It is quite common for employees to decide to look elsewhere for employment once they reach anniversaries with their employer. For example, an employee may be more likely to quit after working somewhere for a year. If the person is a valuable part of your team and you cannot afford to lose them, make sure that you show your appreciation through a small token. Typically you will hear about companies handing out gifts ranging from plaques to pens to signify the value that the employee has to the company.

Tip 5: Communication
Above all, make sure that your employees know that they can come to you if they need any assistance. Employees that feel comfortable to communicate with their employers are twice as likely to stay with the company and ask for clarification about important matters.

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