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6 Conclusions About ENFP and ENFJ Relationship Compatibility

Relationships can start in the strangest ways and be found in the strangest places. You could start a random conversation with someone at the store and find yourself spending hours talking to them about nearly anything. Finding people you can connect with and have relationships with is a wonderful thing.

For people with outgoing and energetic personalities, they especially love to meet new people. The ENFP and ENFJ personalities are two of those personalities, so we will look at 6 conclusions about their relationship compatibility to see how they can expect to interact in life.

1. Shared Connections
Connecting with someone from the first conversation is the best way to ensure future interactions and conversations in the future. Both of these personalities value connection and the ENFJ personality especially appreciates and connects with someone they begin to know better.

Having the desire to connect emotionally and intellectually with others is what allows these two personalities to better understand each other. They can very easily find commonalities between themselves and immediately form a connection.

2. Conflict Avoidance
Doing whatever you can to avoid conflict in a relationship will be the key to ensuring that it is able to deal with both hard and easy times with ease. For these personalities, they are both great at conflict avoidance as they look to solve problems through empathy and understanding.

By putting themselves in the shoes of the other person, these two can understand where the other person comes from and will do what they can to resolve the issue together.

3. Conversations May Clash
Extroverted personalities, in general, are able to talk and talk for hours without seeming to lose much energy. This is great in that it means that conversations can be interesting and last for a while, but between these two is has the potential to also cause conflict.

Both personalities share the same extroversion, so there will likely be clashing periods in conversation. It will require both people to develop listening skills, so the conversations aren’t just a series of interruptions.

4. Differences in Drive
What drives people and gets them motivated to act can be a very important driving force in life. The ENFP personality takes a more relaxed outlook on life as they focus more on the possibilities that await from a laid-back life where they just want to enjoy life.

ENFJ personalities on the other hand value more structure and focus in life as they look to reach specific and measurable goals. They may want the same thing, but how they get there is very different.

5. Organization Needs Differ
Just as their drive and motivation for their actions are different, the way they live and organize their life is also a split point between personalities. The ENFP personality is as relaxed in their household and schedule organization as they are elsewhere as they find little need for cleanliness and structure.

ENFJ personalities, on the other hand, thrive when they have a set schedule and space where they know where everything is. It will take some decent work to get both people on the same page about how they go about taking care of and organizing their lives together.

6. Share a Similar Energy
When all else fails, these two can always relate to their similar energy levels. These two find sitting around and doing nothing to be very boring and would much rather be going out and trying new things. Keeping things new and fresh will make for a great time for both of these personalities.

Going out and enjoying life is enjoyable for both of these people, but they should both take time to relax every now and then. If all they know is fun and action, then slow periods could be devastating for the relationship.


From the first interaction to any number of adventures later, finding someone who can reflect and react to your energy level is a gift. With these two personalities, they can have plenty of harmony and enough differences to keep things unique. These 6 conclusions about ENFP and ENFJ personality relationship compatibility shows that any number of small characteristics can add up to an excellent connection.

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