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75 Examples of Funeral Thank You Messages

For the people who supported you in your time of grief, the below categories can help you write funeral thank you messages.

For Attending the Funeral
For a Card or Kind Wishes
For Flowers or a Wreath
For Money and Donations
For Bringing Food
For Coworkers

For Attending the Funeral

1. The funeral was difficult, but we needed to say goodbye and celebrate [name of lost loved one]’s time with us. Thank you for coming and supporting us in our grief. Your presence was appreciated and made this experience a little less difficult.

2. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see you among those who attended the funeral [the other day/some weeks ago]. Seeing you refreshed my distraught spirit like a glass of cold water on a hot summer’s day. Thank you for coming and for lifting my spirits.

3. Having you by my side at the funeral of our beloved [name of lost loved one] brought me such comfort. Not having to walk this path alone was the greatest gift I have been given in my life. Thank you so very much.

4. Thank you for caring enough to come to the funeral and for supporting my family in their time of sorrow. Grief is too heavy to carry alone, so your attendance helped lighten our load. The care and concern you showed are reminders that there are still good people in the world today. Thank you.

5. The day we had to say our final goodbye and lay [name of lost loved one] to rest was the day I feared greatly after [his/her] passing. How would I find the strength to endure this last goodbye? This was a constant source of anguish to me. Thank you for being there and ensuring that I had the chance to say a meaningful goodbye, full of happy and heartfelt memories of [him/her]. You made such a difference in my day. Thank you.

6. When those you usually seek comfort from are all grieving along with you, it can feel like you have no one to lean on for support. Thank you for coming to the funeral and for helping me. I had no idea how much I needed your presence to help steady me, and I genuinely appreciate your comfort.

7. To know how greatly loved and missed [name of lost loved one] will be brings me comfort and the inner strength to carry on. It gives me the desire to live each day with the kindness and warmth that [he/she] shared with us all. Thank you for reminding me of how loved [he/she] was at the funeral.

8. You stepped into my darkest hour and shone your light to help me make it through the most challenging funeral I have ever experienced. There is no way I could have done it without your support. Thank you for being there for me, and for all the comfort you provided. You saved me when I needed it most.

9. It was so meaningful to my family for you to share in our grief and support us at the funeral. To say goodbye to a loved one is never easy, so we are deeply grateful for your comfort. Your kindness and care were like a refreshing wind to our saddened spirits. Thank you.

10. To say the funeral was a joyous occasion is indeed an odd thing to say. However, after the sadness had washed away, you made sure that we basked in the memories and the joy from [his/her] life. The funeral was a day of celebration to celebrate a life that was so full and fruitful, and one that touched us all. Thank you for sharing that with us.

11. After making the arrangements for the funeral, deep despair gripped me. Everything was so final. Everything so sad. I didn’t know how I would face it. How would I make it through the emotion? How would I keep myself together? Please know that all these fears eased when I saw you, when you came to me with such kindness and warmth. You helped me to find strength I didn’t know I had. Thank you.

For a Card or Kind Wishes

12. It is easy to feel lonely when a loved one dies, like nobody understands. Being able to grieve along with you has been very soothing. Thank you for letting me know that I’m not alone.

13. Thank you so much for your touching card. Your words comforted our spirits in one of the most challenging times we have ever gone through. Your words spoke straight to my heart and were much appreciated.

14. Thank you for the card, remembering my dear [name of lost loved one]. Amid my numbness and suffering, you stepped in and were my rock. You will never be able to understand how much security you brought me in one of my most vulnerable moments. Death is a part of life we all must deal with at some point. I hope everyone has someone like you to walk along beside them in their time of need. Thank you!

15. Your thoughtful and well-chosen words brought me comfort at a time of deep sadness. They helped me to remember the brightness of [his/her] life, and how many people thought so highly of [him/her].

16. These past few days have been so surreal. Thank you for making us feel a little more grounded. Your kind condolences mean more than you know.

17. Your beautiful sympathy card deeply touched my family. Thank you for thinking of us during this time of sorrow. Your words eased our pain and ministered to our souls. Your sentiments expressed deep care and concern. Thank you. You were an encouragement to us all.

18. Thank you greatly for your support through my time of grieving. It has been a time of great sadness and loneliness, which has been lessened by your presence and support. Please know I am most grateful and will never forget your kindness.

19. During this time, I have realized how important your friendship is to me. Your words and actions have been so comforting. Thank you for all of the support and sympathy.

20. Your words of condolence were beautiful and comforted to my emotionally distressed soul. Thank you for being such a thoughtful and kind person and taking the time to write to me. Your card meant more than you could ever know.

21. The support and kindness you have shown me through this time of sadness and loss have been so welcome. My dearly departed [name of lost loved one] would have been so proud and thankful to you, knowing that [he/she] has gone, but I have been left in such capable and loving hands. Please know you have given me great comfort.

22. Thank you for your condolences. [Name of lost loved one] lived a great, long life, and [he/she] was so happy to have you in it. I am happy, too.

23. Your condolence card was beautiful, and I was so grateful for your words. It is easy to tell when words come from someone’s heart because they leap off the card and touch your own heart. Thank you for caring and taking the time to send your thoughtful note.

24. You have eased my pain, although my tears still flow often and freely, I know I can turn to you. I know I have support and solidarity. In my sorrow, and although it is still ever-present, I am content to know I have people like you to turn to. Thank you for your support during my time of loss.

25. You were a great friend to [name of lost loved one] throughout [his/her] whole life, and in death, you’ve been the same. Thank you for your kind and comforting words, which have helped us feel a little less of the loss of our dear [name of lost loved one] as we mourn.

26. Thank you for your beautiful words during this painful time. They were genuinely touching and beautiful. As I read your note, I thought about how it seemed as if you were reading my mind. Thank you for pouring comforting words into my heart. I will always remember your kindness.

27. When someone has left us, the sadness surrounds us all. To know that you stand with me and support me has been so uplifting and has given me the strength to face each day. Thank you.

28. I feel no one can ever really be ready to deal with losing a loved one, no matter how much they prepare. Your support helped me get through the most challenging days I have ever had. Thank you for being such a considerate person. I am deeply grateful for your kindness.

29. When we face the dark realities of life, we see who our real friends are. As I walked through this dark time in my life, you have been my greatest comfort through it all. The darkness would have consumed me if it were not for you. I am eternally grateful for your support. Thank you!

30. I wanted to express my gratitude for all the support and handholding you provided to get me through this challenging time. If it were not for you, I do not know if I could have faced the funeral. Your strength gave me the courage I needed when I was at my weakest. Thank you!

For Flowers or a Wreath

31. Thank you for the flowers that you sent. The flowers are so bright and beautiful in this hard time. [Name of lost loved one] loved to see the beauty in the world, and they would have enjoyed this gift from you.

32. When I saw the beautiful wreath you sent in memory of my [name of lost loved one], I was so touched. It was such a kind and fitting tribute to [him/her]. Thank you.

33. Flowers are always beautiful, but never so beautiful as when at a funeral. Their beauty somewhat lessens the sadness of the event. Thank you for sending such a lovely arrangement that brought beauty to our sorrowed hearts. We appreciated your kind gesture and wished to express our gratitude to you. Thank you.

34. Thank you for the most vibrant and beautiful flower arrangement in memory of my dear [name of lost loved one]. It lifted my spirit every time I looked at it. It reminded me of [his/her] vibrancy and made me think about the happy memories we had shared together. Thank you.

35. I wanted to send a note thanking you for the beautiful wreath you sent for the funeral. I was comforted by your kind gesture, and everyone mentioned how beautiful the wreath was. Thank you for your kindness and for bringing some beauty to my time of sorrow.

36. Deepest thank you for the thoughtful plant you sent to remember my [name of lost loved one]. To have a plant to grow and live on after this loss is a most thoughtful gift. This plant will become a symbol of [his/her] life for me, and I will think of [him/her] and your kindness whenever I see it. Thank you again.

37. I found the beautiful flower arrangement you sent for the funeral to be very touching. Knowing that you are thinking of me during this challenging time brought me comfort and strength. Thank you for brightening a very dark day with the beauty of your kindness and the flowers.

38. The wreath that you sent was so kind, and seeing it laid there among others at the funeral was such a visual reminder of how highly [name of lost loved one] was thought of among our friends, family, and the local community. Thank you very much for helping me to see the love that so many shared for [him/her].

39. You were so thoughtful to think of us in our time of sorrow. Your wreath was a perfect addition to the funeral, and your note showed your concern for my well-being in this time of loss. I received more than one comment on how lovely the wreath was, so thank you for the beautiful flowers. I also want to thank you for the comfort you brought me. You are very much appreciated.

40. To have my home filled with beautiful flowers was wonderful. To see them all bloom brightly for [him/her] made me often think of the love [he/she] shared with so many people and the lives [he/she] impacted. Thank you for taking the time to pick such lovely flowers and to send them to me. To be surrounded by this love and warmth helped me not only to think of [him/her] when I looked at them, but also to see how much support there is for me, and to know I am not alone in this darkest hour.

For Money and Donations

41. Thank you very much for your financial gift. Because of your donation, we were able to organize a lovely funeral for [name of lost loved one]. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

42. Only someone who has been through a funeral can understand the financial burden it causes. I was grateful for your monetary contribution and was able to cover some of the funeral expenses. You have my deepest gratitude for your generosity in helping ease the burden. Thank you.

43. Thank you for the most generous and kind gift that you sent. It helped me to give [name of lost loved one] a goodbye that [he/she] deserved. The gift you have given will live on forever in my heart and memories, and has given me lasting comfort because I know that [he/she] had a funeral that [he/she] would have been proud of.

44. Your thoughtful contribution has greatly helped us with funeral expenses for [name of lost loved one]. We both know that they deserve the best, even after they’re gone. Thank you for donating.

45. When a loved one is lost, we feel the pain so acutely. Everything reminds us of them. Every day is hard to face. Finding inner strength, courage, and determination becomes a daily task. This has consumed me lately, the grief and despair at times so deep. I wasn’t thinking of navigating the practical side of things, like the financial impact of losing [him/her]. After receiving your kind donation, I realized that things were going to be okay financially. You really made a difference and allowed me to focus on [name of lost loved one] instead of finances. I send my most heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

46. Thank you for easing the financial strain after the loss of [name of lost loved one]. This was a time when I wasn’t thinking about money, but I certainly needed it. Your kindness allowed me to say the goodbye I needed to say, and the goodbye that [he/she] deserved. You gave me the greatest gift. Thank you so much. I am forever grateful and will remember your kindness, always.

47. Thank you so much for your generous donation to [charity]. [Name of lost loved one] had a huge heart and wanted to spread more kindness in the world. They would be so happy knowing that you donated. Thank you again.

48. Your generous donation to [name of lost loved one]’s favorite charity was touching. It is hard to think about them no longer being here, but what comfort it brings to know that your donation in [his/her] name will help many other people in need. Thank you for making that possible.

49. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful donation to [name of lost loved one]’s chosen charity. It was a cause so close to [his/her] heart and would give [him/her] great comfort to know that [his\her] memory lives on in such a worthy cause. As it does me, I know that [his/her] final act and wishes were to do good in the world, just like [he/she] always did. A perfect way to preserve a memory. Thank you.

50. Your donation to [name of lost loved one]’s charity was incredibly generous of you. Your kind-hearted gesture brought me great comfort. The chosen charity is such a wonderful cause. I hope that it goes on to make a difference in someone else’s life. It brings me comfort to know that although [name of lost loved one]’s chapter has sadly closed, it may open a new one for someone else. Thank you so much.

For Bringing Food

51. There’s nothing more comforting than a warm homemade meal and eating together around the table. Thank you for bringing us food. It means more than you know during these difficult times.

52. It was moving that you thought about my family’s food needs during our time of sorrow. With the pain of losing [name of lost loved one], we would have forgotten to eat. Your delicious gift of food was precisely the thing we needed to make it through a hard time. Thank you for caring.

53. Thank you so much for bringing us some home-cooked meals. Even small tasks take lots of effort right now, so your contribution has made a big difference.

54. It has been a tough few weeks, but having your delicious meals ready for us to eat has made things easier on us. Thank you for the food. It was very soothing.

55. Your food was good for the tummy and for the soul. Thank you so much for your help in making life easier for us right now. Thank you again.

For Coworkers

To an Individual Coworker
56. Thank you for being a great coworker as I’ve been going through this loss. You’ve always comforted me when I needed it and made sure we were still on track at work. You went above and beyond for me, and I’m so grateful for you.

57. These last few weeks have been such a struggle for me. I do not think there is any way I could have prepared for what I just walked through. Your beautiful sympathy card and touching words encouraged me in a difficult time. Your care was a great comfort to me. Thank you.

58. I always knew you were a loyal coworker, but now I know that you are also a compassionate friend. Thank you for encouraging me during this difficult time.

To a Group of Coworkers
59. Thank you for being such a kind and caring group of coworkers and sending the [beautiful flowers/delicious fruit basket]. Your actions have shown me that we have a strong community, and we can always count on each other. I appreciate all of your support.

60. I wanted to thank you all for the support you showed in the loss of my loved one. The [beautiful flower arrangement/delicious fruit basket] you provided for the funeral was a visual reminder of your concern. I am grateful for your support during these difficult times and the kindness you have shown me. Thank you all.


Acts of Service or Support
61. Thank you so much for dedicating your time to us this week. With your help, we were able to make funeral arrangements for [name of lost loved one]. [He/she] would have loved to see us working together and supporting each other as you did. Thank you again.

62. During this time of deep sadness, you lightened the load and gave us the priceless gift of your time so we could focus on what needed to be done due to the loss of [name of lost loved one]. Truly and sincerely, thank you for [task].

63. The loss of a loved one is tough to go through alone, and it has been a struggle. I am so very grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for everything you did to make the funeral go as smoothly as it did. I am deeply indebted to you for your kindness and generosity.

64. My mind is slowly starting to clear, and I am starting to be able to think straight. I do not know how I could have made the funeral plans without you. Thank you for helping me plan everything. You were really there for me, and I will never forget it.

65. We never really know how losing a loved one will affect us, but this loss has hit me hard. Your faithfulness to me in checking on me was a beam of light in my darkness. Thank you for taking the time to understand where I was and caring enough to meet me there.

66. It is unbelievable the way that a loss can completely interrupt your life and take over everything. Thank you for helping maintain sanity in my life by stepping up and [buying my groceries/watching the kids/task done for you]. It was a huge relief to me during a difficult time. I am thankful that I have you in my life, and I am deeply grateful for your support.

67. Watching my loved one suffer was one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life. I cannot tell you how touched I was by your care for them. Your gentleness, kindness, and loving attention brought me comfort when I could personally do very little to help them. Thank you for everything that you do to care for [him/her].

68. When a person is dying, some people find it hard to be around them because it reminds them of their mortality. However, being faced with mortality did not stop you. Thank you for all your visits and the care and concern you expressed for [name of lost loved one] in [his/her] last days. You encouraged [him/her] and us more than you will ever know. You have our deepest gratitude.

Giving a Eulogy
69. Thank you deeply for giving a eulogy for [name of lost loved one]. Your words were touching, and you helped us celebrate [his/her] life in a way I will never forget. I know that somewhere up there, [name of lost loved one] listened and enjoyed it too.

70. To lose a loved one is one of life’s biggest challenges because they are gone from this earth, but our love for them remains with us. We were grateful that you could make it to the funeral. Your presence was a comfort to all. We also want to thank you for the loving words spoken at [name of lost loved one]’s funeral. Your comments were moving and beautifully honored [his/her] memory. We are grateful to you.

To the Funeral Director or People in the Funeral
71. You have such a crucial job, and you probably do not get thanked often enough. It is comforting for a family in sorrow to know that you have taken care of everything. Thank you for stepping up and doing such an excellent job for my loved one’s funeral. There was not one thing left out, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

72. Thank you for the support and kindness you showed my family in our time of sorrow. We will always remember your presence at the funeral and your service as a pallbearer. We are deeply indebted to you for the kindness you have shown us.

73. It was hard to say goodbye to [name of lost loved one], whom we loved so dearly. Thank you for the kind words in your eulogy. We all knew how wonderful [he/she] was, but your touching sentiments reinforced what we believed. The love and appreciation you expressed moved us all. We offer you our deepest gratitude.

74. I am writing to offer you my deepest gratitude for the beautiful and moving music you provided for [name of lost loved one]’s funeral. Music is an integral part of shaping the environment at a funeral, and you did an incredible job. You have my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the sharing of your musical gift.

75. Pastor, we wanted to send you a note to thank you for all your support and encouragement you gave us in our time of sorrow. Your kind and caring demeanor gave us strength in a trying time. I do not think that we would have made it through this trying time without you. Thank you, and God bless you!

Losing someone can be an emotionally traumatic experience. Traveling through the stages of grief can be painful and emotionally devastating. The first stage begins with denial, where numbness and isolation take over your reality and a sense of lacking in care occurs. Second, anger sets in towards the individual that passed away or those involved in any health treatment. The next stages are bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These can be some of the most complicated, leading to unresolved issues that torment the individual with remorse and guilt, to depression and sadness, until finally, acceptance and healing occur and they can move on.

Stages of Grief

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