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51 Kidney Walk Slogans and Sayings

Raising awareness to the dangers of kidney failure and helping to encourage others to become organ donors are just some objectives these individuals are trying to meet. Here are some great kidney walk slogans and sayings that will help to encourage others to be more proactive about kidney health.

Act Early to Prevent it.
Are You At Risk? Take the Test.
Awareness. Prevention. Treatment.
Because it Matters.
Connecting Sustainable Tranporting with Health.
Dare to Share.
Defend the Kidney.
Dialysis Defeaters.
Dialysis Schmyalysis.
Every Kilometre Counts.
Got Potassium?
Heart Your Kidneys.
Help in Saving Lives.
Hope. Live. Walk.
In Need of Kidney.
It’s War Again.
Join us in taking a lifesaving step.
Keepin’ it Renal.
Kidney Kickers.
Kidney Kruisers.
Kidney Stoners.
Kidneys Age, Just Like You, Take Care of Them.
Kidneys in Kind.
Let Your Fingers Do the Walking.
Little Beans.
Losing is not an option.
Love Needs a Care.
Love your Kidneys
Make a Meaningful Gift with Lasting Impact.
More to Give.
Peace Love & Kidneys.
Protect your Kidneys, Save your Heart.
Protect Your Kidneys. Find our how…
Recycle Life.
Renal Runts.
Rolling Stones.
Run for Them.
Run Like You Store Something.
Share Your Spare.
Sharing Kidneys is Caring.
Someone I Love Needs a Cure.
Stomp out Kidney Disease.
Super Kidneys.
Team Gateway Vascular.
The Perfect Pair.
This Too Shall Pass.
Transplant Trotters.
Trombone Angel.
Urine Our Thoughts.
Walkathon of Life.
Yellow Brick Road.

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