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51 Great Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Slogans

Having to experience first hand someone suffering through multiple sclerosis, the one thing you desire for them is a cure. These great multiple sclerosis awareness slogans highlight the need for sharing knowledge and encouraging continued research into a cure for multiple sclerosis.

Defeat MS.
Don’t stress, it’s just a little MS!
Faith Matters. Cure Multiple Sclerosis.
Fight MS, relapse is not an option.
Fight MS.
Fight MS… relapse is not an option.
Go orange for MS!
God bless– let’s cure MS!
Hope. Fight. Cure. Multiple Sclerosis.
Hope. Support Multiple Sclerosis Awareness.
I am not drunk, I have MS.
I live with MS. What’s your superpower?
I support MS research.
I wear orange for (name).
I wear Orange for my Daughter.
I’m an MS warrior.
I’m not pissed..I have MS. what’s your excuse?
If you want to help me, start by understanding.
I’m a MS Warrior.
It’s not all in your HEAD.
Keep calm & cure MS.
Keep calm & fight against MS.
Keep Calm and Support Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week.
Kiss Goodbye to MS.
Let’s find a cure.
Mad chick in fight against MS.
March is Multiple Sclerosis awareness Month.
MS gets on my Nerves.
MS Warrior.
MS: Let’s find a cure.
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness… because it Matters.
Multiple Sclerosis is just an Obstacle.
Multiple Sclerosis sucks.
Never give up. Even on your worst days, stay positive. You can do it.
Now with MS I’m fun to watch.
One day I would love to say, I used to have MS.
Raise Awareness: Multiple Sclerosis Awareness.
Real men wear Orange.
Refuse to loose.
Say no to MS, say it to all.
Screw Multiple Sclerosis.
Someone I love needs a cure!
Take it day by day– there’s no other way.
The cure for Multiple Sclerosis is just around the corner.
The cure is sure.
There is life after diagnosis.
Time to stand against MS.
Together we can cross out MS.
We will walk until there’s a cure.
What we know for sure is that we need a cure.
Work smarter. Not harder.

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