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51 Catchy Save Turtles Slogans

Turtles face many physical dangers because of the pollution and contamination to our ocean’s environment. These catchy save turtles slogans will help to encourage recycling of plastics and the removal of trash from the world’s ocean.

Don’t be late and take steps today to save earth.
Don’t destroy the greenery and don’t spoil the scenery. Save mother earth.
Don’t waste clean water, just save it.
Earth is our mother; we have to save our mother.
Earth is the only known planet to have life, save earth.
Earth is the only livable planet; just save it.
Feel the nature, it will teach you about how to save earth.
For life on earth save our seas.
Give Sea Turtles a Fighting Chance.
If you love to breathe, Save the trees.
If you want the existence of life, Save earth.
It takes a village to save the planet.
Let them live, they’ll do the rest!
Lets us save our Earth.
Nature is a treasure save it for pleasure.
Our planet has no alternate, Please save it.
Raise your voice, not the sea level.
Save animals, they will save you.
Save Earth for your future generations.
Save earth to continue life here.
Save earth to get saved your lives back.
Save earth to save many lives.
Save Earth, Save Life!
Save Earth: There’s no place like home.
Save it to be saved.
Save our oceans!
Save Our Sea Life.
Save the earth! We have no other known place to live in this universe.
Save the Sea Turtles.
Save trees now they will save you in future.
Save water but never remain thirsty.
SAVE WATER Don’t waste the world’s blood.
Save water it doesn’t grow on trees.
Save water to continue happiness
Save water to save life.
Save water, secure the future.
Save water, the world is in your hands!
Save water. It’s not just a drop in the bucket.
Save wildlife and wildlife will save you.
Saving the Planet, One Turtle at a Time.
Saving water can save the world.
Seat belts save lives. Buckle up every time.
The little effort of everyone may change into big one; save earth.
There is no place to live other than earth. Save earth!
Think about future generations and save earth.
We all agree, save the sea!
We need your helping hand, to save water, trees, sky and land.
We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. Save Water!
When you save water, it saves you back.
Wildlife: Save it to cherish or leave it to perish.
You are 60% water. Save 60% of YOURSELF.

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