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51 Catchy Lip Balm Slogans

When the weather is dry or when it is cold out, you may find your lips suffering from cracking and dryness. These catchy lip balm slogans are just some examples from existing companies that aim to moisturize and soften your lips.

A kiss of moisture.
A lipstick with blusher brush.
A little tint with lots of care.
All Natural Skincare.
All the flavor of being a girl.
Apply the stick then the gloss!
Cares and delights.
Dress your lips in BRAND.
Dress your lips.
Enjoy the stay. Love the shine.
Evolution of Smooth.
For lips that go bloom.
For soft, smooth lips.
From basic to pampered.
Gender neutral and with a bit of an edge.
Get noticed with visibly softer lips.
Give Me Lips.
Heavenly Solutions For Your Lips.
Here, lips are our only business.
Inspire your most beautiful smile.
It’s All In The Lips.
Keep your lips moisturized and soft.
Keep your lips plump and moisturized.
Kiss your thin lips goodbye!
Lips Are Also Beautiful Closed.
Lips hide out.
Love at First Swipe.
Love is the word on everyone’s lips.
Make your lips shake.
Moisture your lips.
More than just a lip balm.
No more basic lip balm.
On the lips of dreams.
One it hits your lips, its so good
Pamper your lips.
Pleasure on the lips, lifetime on the hips.
Radiant and smooth.
Read my lips.
Replenish and Rejuvenate.
So natural even the bees get confused.
Sweet but dangerous.
The lip balm that makes you smile.
The Lips Don’t Lie.
The sublime beauty.
Twist. Glide. Shine.
Uncap flavor.
We can do that.
We got it right the first time.
Where Lips are our only business.
Your daily dose of happiness.
Your lips need a BFF too.

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