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50 Most Amazing Natural Phenomena Examples


Extraordinary Things In The World

Think you know everything about the world? Think again. There are dozens of natural acts on our planet that are truly extraordinary.

Fifty Natural Phenomena

Here are some naturally-occurring, global phenomena going on with our planet:

1. Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave is four kilometers long.
2. Western Turkey’s Pamukkale was established as a world heritage site in 1988.
3. The ice volcano Mt. Erebus is over one-million years old.
4. The longest crystals in the world are 9.14m, and can be found in Mexico.
5. Turkmenistan’s “Gates of Hell” crater first started burning in 1971.
6. China’s rainbow mountains are 1700 kilometers.
7. Colorado continues to provide a wealth of fossils and history for archeologists.
8. There are 3 volcanic lakes in Indonesia.
9. Yellowstone Park’s last eruption sent one-thousand kilometers of debris into the air.
10. Nearly five-hundred-and-eighty kilometers of Mammoth Cave National Park have been mapped.
11. Ninety-percent of the plants and animals found in Stone Park do not exist anywhere else.
12. China’s Hunan Province is home to over three-thousand sandstone pillars.
13. Lightning forks are caused by lightning bolts hitting the ground in various points simultaneously.
14. Lenticular clouds resemble discs piled on top of each other.
15. Columns of light are created in the sky through light and sun pillars.
16. 2005 was the year in which thousands of frogs fell from the skies in Odzaci.
17. 2011 gave us the largest known hailstone in history, which clocked in at 15.24 centimeters.
18. Atacama Desert is one-thousand kilometers, and is considered to be the driest place on the planet.
19. Arcus clouds have a sinister look, and usually indicate oncoming thunderstorms.
20. Zambia’s Victoria Falls is a great place to find a Moonbow.
21. An aurora is created when the ions from solar wind is combined with oxygen and nitrogen.
22. Thirty-thousand-volts-per-centimeter is required to create the St. Elmo’s Fire effect.
23. Lightning is capable of occurring seventeen kilometers above the earth and the storm itself.
24. In 1934, New Hampshire experienced winds in excess of 372kmph.
25. Bacteria colonies in the Indian Ocean create the milky sea effect.
26. An upsweep was recorded in the center of the Pacific Ocean in 1991.
27. The Great Blue Hole is one-hundred-and-twenty-two meters deep.
28. The creation of a brinicle was captured on film for the first time ever in Antarctica in 2011.
29. The weaver bird is capable of creating a nest that can be home to over four-hundred birds.

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