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5 Unique Small Business Management Tips for Success

5 Unique Small Business Management Tips for Success

Tips on Effective Management

There are rules that most business owners follow religiously, oblivious of the negative impact on their businesses, some of them are:

1. Customers Are Always Right

Customers sometimes take undue advantage of business owners, making unreasonable demands, business owners should look out for such customers and take special note of them. Such customers should be treated with caution. The recommended principle is “THE RIGHT CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”

2. Automatically Placing New Recruits On Probation

More often than not, new recruits are enthusiastic about making positive contributions towards organisational growth. This zeal is most times dampened by business owners when they enforce the 90 – day probation policy. A new employee should be welcomed with a relaxed environment that promotes productivity, not a tensed and constrained environment with lots of restrictions.

3. Promoting Top Performers to The Position Of Managers

The outstanding success of your employee in a particular position is no guarantee that that employee will achieve that level of success at higher levels. For example, if you have a sales representative that out performs all other sales reps combined, there is no assurance that the employee will achieve that level of success at management level.

4. The Bottom Line Is All That Matters

Money is necessary and good, but it should not be the determinant of a successful business. Focus should also be on the positive impact the company made on the community and customers. What perception does your customers have about your business? Does your brand name trigger a smile on people’s faces? What innovations or positive impact did your organisation promote? There should be new standards for measuring success in business.

5. Hire Experienced – A Players

It is interesting to know that attitude, values, drive and energy cannot be found or evaluated from a resume or an interview. A skilful way of determining this is through experience and this strategy must be employed. Qualification of a new recruit should be based on characteristics that are not tangible while they learn on the job.

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