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How to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign with Viral Content

How to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign with Viral Content

Could Your Content Marketing Go Viral?

The major goal that many internet marketers have is to see their created content go viral. To have the widespread attention of the internet, even for a moment, means that the content that was created was potentially seen by millions of people and talked about by millions more. It is a means of achieving more value than the cost of the value that created the viral content itself. Any type of content can become viral, but information that does go viral tends to have certain attributes that are required of it. To get the chance to have your content go viral, here’s what you’ll need to have the following components.

Viral content is often humorous.
Life is pretty serious these days. There are constant threats of harm swirling around us. We’re all super busy doing the things we need to do to get enough money to put food on the table. A break from the seriousness is an easy way to turn a bad day around quickly.

Viral content seems to be impossible.
Have you ever had one of those moments where you just sat back in your chair because you were stunned by what you saw? Content that makes people speechless because it is incredible or seemingly impossible always has a great chance of going viral.

Viral content has an emotional content.
Content that touches someone emotionally can help to motivate them to do great things. It doesn’t have to be a positive emotional connection either – often negative connections go viral faster than positive ones do. That being said, negative viral connections can destroy a business overnight.

Viral content agrees with a personal opinion.
With information available everywhere today, people are highly opinionated about virtually every subject there is. Content that agrees with a personal opinion will likely be shared because we all want to create a clique of like-minded people in our online communities.

Viral content makes us stop to think.
There are a lot of big questions each person has about their life. When content can help to make people think about those questions and what is truly important to them, it has a great chance of going viral.

Viral content isn’t usually covered by the MSM.
Mainstream media simply can’t cover every little bit of news that happens, even with several 24/7 news channels. Stories that go viral are usually stories that weren’t initially picked up by the media, but are important to people and makes them think or feel something in some way.

Can Viral Content Be Specifically Created?

Though the goal of content might be for it to go viral, the creation of the content itself shouldn’t be a reflection a need to be viral. It should simply be a reflection of your brand or information that incorporates the qualities of content that does tend to go viral on a consistent basis. Would we all like to see the record-breaking numbers that Old Spice was able to generate with their marketing campaign? Certainly! Good content, however, will always be seen and shared. With the focus on that being first, your content will always achieve some measure of success.

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