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5 Tips to Counter Dirty Negotiation Tactics


Beat These Dirty Negotiation Tactics Every Time

It’s been said that everything is fair in love, in war, and in business. This is often seen at the negotiating table as both sides do everything they can to maximize a deal to their favor. Though many negotiations are above board and completely fair, there are a rare few that will resort to the dirty side of negotiation in an attempt to get their way. The good news is that you can defeat the dark side of the negotiation force with some basic countermeasures.

Dirty Tactic #1: Leaving the Deal Behind

One of the most common dirty negotiation tricks someone may try is to pretend to back out of a deal at the last moment. This is often used to get last minute concessions that are more favorable. To counter this dirty tactic, turn the tables around and drop the deal where it stands. Let it draw out for up to 30 days or wait until the other party calls you. Then you’ll be in a position to get last minute concessions!

Dirty Tactic #2: Empty Words

In order for a position to be solidified, it isn’t unusual for someone to begin talking… and talking… and talking about what amounts to nothing. They fill up the negotiations with empty words that are intended to either wear you down or provide information that has nothing to do with your specific negotiation, but supports the other side. To counter this, ask specific questions, such as “How does this even relate to what we’re talking about?” Ask this question several times if necessary!

Dirty Tactic #3: Becoming Mean

In some negotiations, there is no give and take whatsoever. The other side simply needs to have things be their way, without exception, and they aren’t very nice about making this viewpoint known. In other words, it’s not a win/win situation – it’s just a “we win, you lose” situation. To counter this, you’ll need to ask for a different negotiator because you won’t get any concessions from a one-sided perspective. Don’t come back to the negotiation table until you get someone new.

Dirty Tactic #4: False Data

Outside of real statistics, the best statistics are the ones that are made up so that it seems like a negotiating position is solid. This dirty tactic works quite often because most negotiators don’t actually do enough research about the other side’s positions before the negotiating starts. To counter this dirty negotiation trick, do a little more research and have the real facts in your hands when the statistics start to fly.

Dirty Tactic #5: Teaming Up

Maybe the dirtiest trick in the book is to have two strong members of a negotiating party team up to badger whom they perceive to be the weakest member of the other team. You can counter this by bringing in someone else to help you so the odds are fair or ask that you negotiate with just one person at a time.

Dirty negotiation tricks are often the last resort that comes from desperation. If you see these dirty tricks come into play, don’t get angry or frustrated because you’re in a great position! Simply turn the tables back around and you’ll seal the deal every time.

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