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30 Great Self Starter Examples


Five Ways To Improve Your Life Immediately

Most people think about their lives impassively. They are just along for the ride, and aren’t in control of whether or not they are happy. They just accept that other people, or events control whether they are happy or not, and deal with what life throws at them.

1. You are in Control

The reality of the matter is that everyone is in control of their own destiny. You ultimately control whether or not you are happy. Each of the decisions that you make in your life effects your overall happiness, and by making the right decisions for you most of the time you can dramatically improve the quality of your life overall.

2. Prioritize Yourself

The first step to becoming happier is to prioritize yourself. Think about things that make you happy or make you feel fulfilled, and begin doing those things more often. For instance if you like working out, then make it a requirement to go to the gym a few times a week. If you enjoy reading a book or playing games, work those into your daily schedule.

Even if you only do a few things that you enjoy each day of the week, you give yourself something to look forward to, and will improve the overall quality of your day.

3. Believe in Yourself

If you’ve ever wanted to do something you should try and do it. Maybe your dream was to become a dentist, or a business owner. You can accomplish either of those tasks, but dreaming about them is not going to do you any good. Instead start spending your time working towards those goals. You will start feeling more fulfilled by spending time on a dream that you have, rather than wasting all of your time on the dreams of others.

4. Focus on Changing Yourself for the Better

It isn’t logical to try to match up with other people that you know, even if they seem happy or successful to you, because they aren’t living your life. Instead of trying to make yourself into someone else entirely, think about who you are currently, and how you want to change yourself and your situation.

5. Continue It

After you realize exactly what changes you want to make, you can start making changes to your life each week, and looking back on where you were, and where you are going. You will draw satisfaction from the changes that you have made, and at how your life is improving.

You are living your own life, and it is up to you to make sure it turns out the way you want it to. Stop wasting your time worrying about other people and what they want for you, and start spending your time the way you want. That is the only true way to become happy.

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