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Social Proof and 5 Other Social Commerce Purchasing Influencers


Are You Taking Advantage of Social Commerce Psychology?

More than 80% of people receive advice about something they want or need from their family or friends. More than 70% of people read reviews about products and services before they decide to make a purchase. As a business, most of the research that a potential customer does about what you’ve got to offer is done before they even visit your website or business. This means that if they’ve gotten a good sense of the value you have to offer, they’ll likely make a purchase right away. If they get negative advice or read negative reviews about what you do, then your hopes of make a sale are slim to none.

Online Reputation Is Everything These Days

Many corporations and marketers focus on search engine optimization techniques to maximize their e-commerce solutions. They ignore the reputation they are developing online because it is seen as extraneous. With Google especially, local website rankings have more emphasis than ever before on what reviews people have left about a business through Google. It only takes 10 reviews to create an online reputation, which means 8 one star reviews and 2 5 star reviews will let people see that you’re a 2 star business. That’s enough to drive business away rapidly!

How Can You Fix an Online Reputation?

The good news is that it is easy to begin creating a positive online reputation. One of the best ways to start is to begin offering exclusive deals to people who follow you through social media. This makes your customers feel special, that you care for them, and nothing holds more value to a customer than their relationship they have with your business. If you work on developing that, you’ll always have repeat business!

Don’t be afraid to solicit recommendations from trusted customers, especially through social media sites like Facebook. Half of all customers have made at least one purchase online because of the recommendation that they received from someone they know on social media. This helps to further deepen a relationship because people are at their core loyal to their brand that they feel represents them. That also means you’ll have repeat business.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!

People expect to have a great experience when they go shopping, which means when they receive that experience, it’s expected and so it’s forgotten about quickly. On the other hand, negative experiences are often remembered and written about because the customer feels slighted or betrayed. A consistently good experience won’t get documented, so don’t be afraid to ask people who give you repeat business to give you a quick, positive word online. You can even offer them an exclusive discount or product to do so! In return, you’ll further develop the positive online reputation that you need to do business in today’s informationally based world.

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