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5 Tips for Hiring Your First Employee


Tips For Hiring Your First Employee

Now that you’ve built up you business from the ground and it has taken off so much that you need help. This is a great thing! But you may be a little nervous since you may have never hired anyone before and you’re not sure where to start.

The First Step

Number one thing to keep in mind is not to rush this process. You don’t want to be stuck with an employee that you can’t get along with. This will make going to work every day something that you dread. Remember it can also be a costly mistake as well, businesses spend about 20% of an employees salary to find a replacement. This article will give you five tips to help you hire right the first time.

Tip number one, hire someone that is a better fit for your company rather than someone who is more than skilled but fits horribly with your company. Look past the resume, look at the personality and take the time to speak with them and really get to know them. Speak to multiple people not just one or two, this gives you more options.

Do Some Research

Pay attention to background and references. You should actually get on the phone and call those references, make sure they are who they seem to be. You don’t want to hire someone who seems like the perfect package on the surface and later starts to unravel and become someone who you don’t want to work with anymore because you didn’t check up on their references. Remember some people will try anything to get a job, 25% of resumes out there have some type of false information on them.

Don’t bet on the long shot. If you’re only making one or two hires, don’t take huge risks. Pick someone who seems will be reliable and a good fit. A lot of things can come into play on who is going to be a good employee, even the length of their commute. In surveys done online about 14% of employees would change jobs if it meant that they could just have a shorter commute, and nothing else.

Look At All Qualifications

Balance today and tomorrow’s needs. Hire the most well rounded candidate. It is critical that you balance out strengths and weaknesses of your company. Assess your candidate’s ability to adapt. Your business will have to change and adapt with the times as will your employees.

Finally, think about the tax laws and compare your options. Will a contractor be a better fit than a full time employee. Understand the laws about wages and you’ll need to keep your payroll organized for taxes at the end of the year, no matter which route you choose to take so that you don’t get dinged at the end of the year.

Remember the right employee can make all the difference in your business. It can either lead it to succeed or fail, no matter how hard you try and how much effort you have put in to it. Take the time and do it right the first go round.

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