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7 Most Famous Car Logos and the Stories Behind Them


The Storyline Behind Famous Car Logos

Ever wonder what’s behind an inventor’s innovation. People create stories, television shows, and films based on a premise. Similarly, inventors create company logos, products, and services with a particular premise in mind. Branding which is associated with the logo of a company or business has a storyline.

Let’s delve into the mind of creative imaging consultants and inventors for a brief moment. Every major innovation, product, or service begins as a mere idea within the mind of an inventor. However, regardless of how small the idea there’s a story that helped spark their interest in creating and developing a product or logo.

Ever go to the store and purchase products solely based on the name, brand, or logo. Inventors understand the significance behind logos which is why so much emphasis is placed on the creation of a company’s logo.

Get a Designer

Graphic consultants and inventors must place a lot of thought into developing a logo because it will ultimately serve as a return on investment. Logos are essential for marketing purposes because it represents a visible manifestation of the company’s brand. This manifestation is what we, as consumers, seem to remember.

As consumers become more familiar with the logo of a particular brand this often results in increased sales which generates increased revenue. Through logos brands have become more popular overtime and have led to the success of many businesses and companies.

Well Known Logos

Ralph Lauren’s logo is a horse which speaks volumes. When consumers see that logo they already know their receiving a great quality product. This is why Ralph Lauren is able to charge the high prices he charges for his clothing, shoes, and accessories. If Ralph Lauren was not associated with quality based products his logo will not attract a multitude of consumers like it does today.

Let’s now take a look at car logos. When you’re on the road driving have you ever looked over and noticed a car which you would love to have? Everyone has experienced this feeling at some time during their life. What helps you identify with the type of car? Of course if you don’t get to remember the make and model of the car you definitely remember the cars logo. This symbol is a mere depiction of the make of the car and tends to stand out.

Now that we understand the significance of logos particularly car logos let’s take a look into the story’s behind the creation of such logos.

History of Car Logos

Famous car logos have made their mark within the automobile industry. Some logos are associated with luxury automobiles while other logos are linked to standard cars. Regardless of the amount of money spent on the car, each car logo represents a story. Italian car manufacturer, Ferrari, has a logo which features an elegant prancing horse. The prancing horse now associated with Ferrari automobiles was painted on a fighter plane during the War. Enzo Ferrari was later asked by the mother’s pilot to put the logo on all of his cars because it will bring good luck. So, he did.

The stories behind famous car logos have made their mark within the automobile industry.

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