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5 Signs of Unhappy Employees


Happy employees are the secret of a company’s success. If a company is labor intensive or it needs contributions from a lot of people to succeed, then it will need to ensure that all its employees are happy, for the sake of the business. Some companies are not labor intensive and don’t really need many people to affect the bottom line. There may be employees as support staff which doesn’t really have any impact on the break evens or on the company’s ability to do what it does.

In every scenario where the company is dependent on the contributions of most of its employees, the firm will have to ensure that the employees are happy.

Before you can attend to the happiness of employees, you need to know why they are unhappy and even before that you have to know that they are unhappy. 5 Signs Your Employees Aren’t Happy is a guide to help you know when you have an unhappy employee or several of them. The info-graphic sheds light on the various circumstances, issues and problems which you will come across and which of them are warning signs. The signs are more like symptoms of your employees being unhappy. If you choose to ignore them, then it wouldn’t be long before your employees will quit and it would be immediate when you will lose man-hours, productivity will nosedive and your firm will start to lose money. If you are too depended on your employees, then you will start to bleed money.

Ensuring happiness of employees is a very difficult job. Where your company is based, where from your employees travel to your office every day, what kind of setting and ambiance you have in your office, the work culture at your place of business and beyond, the manner in which the employees are treated, what kind of jobs they do, if they are capable of doing it and if they are being pressured more than what they can endure, if there are employee friendly policies – from leaves to incentives, if there is some pleasant degree of team bonding and if there are apt rewards at the end of the day are some of the many factors that contribute to or take away the happiness of employees.

As an entrepreneur, business owner or manager, you will have to look out for the signs that your employees are not happy and accordingly make changes to attend to the crisis.

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