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9 Business Dinner Invitation Wording Ideas

When planning a company event, many business invitations will include a logo or symbol at the top or bottom of the page. The name of the host is placed at the top followed by the invitation phrase. The nature and purpose of the party is outlined, followed by the appropriate time, date, location, and address. The RSVP is added at the bottom in the left corner of the invitation providing the designated phone number and contact. Any special instructions that may be added include attire, parking or location directions, or other noteworthy items for the guests. The following list of examples of business dinner invitation wording are intended to be served as samples to help you in creating your own invitation.

[company name] cordially invites you and a guest to an [event name]. Join us at [location] on [date and time].

[company name] requests the pleasure of your company for dining and dancing at the [event name], [day of week], [date], at [time]. [location].

[host names] cordially invite you for a night of toasts, good cheer, and gourmet delights honoring [names] at [time, date, location].

[name of hosts] cordially invite you for a night on the terrace savoring the delights of the continent. [date, time, and address].

Celebrate the warmth of the season… Please be our guest for dinner and dancing on [day of week], [date]. at [time] in the evening. [location].

Join us to celebrate our 20th year anniversary. [company name] cordially invites you to attend a black tie dinner on [date] at [time] in the evening. [location]. RSVP by [date].

The honour of your presence is requested at a dinner and cocktail party on [date] at [time] in the evening. [location] Casual attire.

The honour of your presence is requested at [location name and address] on [day of wek] for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at [time] in the evening. Dinner immediately following.

There is nothing quite like city lights and wondrous nights. Please join us downtown for dinner at the pier. [location address at time].

The below infographic serves as a great guide to dinner etiquette during holidays and traditional events. A formal table setting normal includes stemware, wine glasses, and a champagne flute. Cutlery and flatware should be placed in a certain way allowing proper serving processes to occur. This and more important tips are outlined in the following infographic.

A Guide to Business Dinner Etiquette

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