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5 SEO Marketing Strategies Every Company Should Master


SEO Techniques To Master Today

Though everyone has their own way of maximizing search engine results, there is common ground in the actual techniques that are being used. Without SEO work, a website has a very small chance of making it to the front page of a search engine result, much less hit a Top 3 spot. Sometimes SEO work is avoided simply because the maximization of a site seems to be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are the 5 ways SEO techniques that you should consider mastering today to improve your site’s rankings:

Get quality links to your site.
If you’ve got a quality website, you’ll invariably end up getting links into your site. You don’t want just any links, however, because bad links can actually penalize your SEO efforts. Indexes, registers, and penalized websites should all be contacted to see if they will remove their links. If they will not, then you can request through Google to have the link disavowed. To get quality links, one of the easiest things to do is just ask others if it is possible!

Include Google Authorship.
Taking advantage of this SEO technique is extremely simple: just make sure that everyone who writes on your website has a Google + account. Include their account information in the authorship section of the article. Not only does this influence page rank, but as people link to your content in order to express their own content, you’ll get better ranks because of your influence.

Select the Best URL You’ve Got.
This is referred to as a “canonical” URL. What you’re essentially doing is telling search engines to direct people to one primary page instead of the potential 1000’s of pages on your site. You’ll still get the full power of your content, but it will be directed toward that one URL instead of all of them.

Utilize HTML Tags.
Search engines recognize what a page is all about because of the HTML tags that you include. Though content, graphics, and authorship are all analyzed by crawlers, HTML tags provide a deeper level of result because it offers end users a richer search result. Richer search results then often equate to higher search rankings.

Have a responsive website.
People today will be accessing your content from a wide variety of different devices. If your site is able to recognize which device is being used and can adapt that content to be viewed in the best way possible, you’ll get rewarded because it is easier for people to share, interact with, and even link to your content.

With these SEO techniques in-hand, you’ll be able to quickly maximize your site’s potential of being ranked highly. Start mastering them today and you’ll soon find how much of your targeted audience really is interested in what your product has to offer!

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