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5 Most Secure Vaults and Bunkers in the World


Five Of The World’s Most Secure Vaults And Bunker

The world has lots of bunkers and vaults, but there are a few that stands out as the world’s most secure. Here is their list.

1. Svalbard Global Seed Vault

This is a vault that provides security for cash as well as seeds of plant. Over 750,000 seeds are preserved in this bank in case of extinction of the plants. The vault is located at about 430 feet above the sea level at room temperature of 0 degreea Fahrenheit /-18 Celsius. Even if the ice cap dissolves, these seeds are safe.

2. Federal Reserve Bank Of Cleveland

The largest vault door in the world can be found in this bank. The weight of the hinges alone is 47 tons and the entire vault weighs 167 tons. This is the same weight as 23 fully grown elephants.

3. United States Bullion Depository

This heavily protected building is also referred to as Fort Knox. It is home to about 5,000 tons of gold. This is an estimated 3% of the gold ever refined by man. This building is protected by over 30,000 soldiers, mine field, amour tanks, defense helicopters and barbed razor wire. There is no escaping in case of a theft.

4. Cheyenne Mountain

This was designed and built in the 1950’s. It was meant to be a defense against the Soviet bombers. Cheyenne Mountains is carved from granite and it serves as protection for command centers and United States defense organizations. This bunker is referred to as a mother of all bunkers as it is equipped with 1,000 pounds shock absorbers in case there is an earthquake. There is an air filtration system that filters the air entering the bunker and there is a water reservoir that purifies the water from pollution.

5. Federal Reserve Bank of New York

This is considered the most influential of all the Federal Reserve Banks in the US. It is seen as the most influential and active. Storing gold in this bank is free, but moving it is not free. It costs $1.75 per bar. Most likely this cost is to pay for the special foot wear that needs to be worn to protect the feet from a falling gold brick.

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