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5 Keys to Overcoming Proscrastination


If you want to be the most productive person that you can be, there are a few changes that you can make. You can make small changes that have the ability to make a huge impact in your productivity and will keep you from procrastinating. You just need to know what you can do to bring about the most change. Here are the main takeaways from this infographic.

1) Schedule Your Time Effectively.
The amount of tasks that you need to get accomplished each day can seem overwhelming if you look at the workday in its entirety. This means that you can really benefit from blocking out your workday into 15 minute increments. This allows you to be most productive within those 15 minutes. This amount of time is short enough that you can focus and be invested for the entire period of time without any distractions. The best part about 15 minute work intervals is that it is a short enough period of time to keep you focused, but it is also long enough that you can get real work accomplished and make headway.

2) Look Ahead.
It is important that you break your workday up into small intervals, but it is also essential that you have long term goals. You need to have a vision for your productivity that allows you to see where you want to be in a year. It is important that you map out where you want to be in a year based on the work you have to accomplish. Sticking to this plan and making small moves toward this goal each workday is important. Having this type of road map in place allows you to stay accountable even when you are feeling overwhelmed or have obligations in many different directions.

3) Surround Yourself With Support That Helps You.
The key to having success when you have tasks to accomplish in so many different areas is to be able to lean on other people. This means that you need to surround yourself with motivated and qualified individuals that also understand what you are trying to accomplish. They need to be employees that are skilled and have the same amount of passion and knowledge that you have. Having the right people that you can lean on when you are feeling overwhelmed is essential. You can’t get anywhere on your own if you do not have the right people by your side.

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