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5 Essential Elements of User Experience (UX) Design

5 Essential Elements of User Experience (UX) Design

What Exactly Is User Experience?

User experience, often termed as “UX,” is the experience that a visitor to a website receives. It incorporates all aspects of that website, from navigation to images to information flow. Almost 70% of visitors to a website leave it if they feel like they’ve gotten a poor UX, which for the small business owner means 7 out of 10 potential customers are going to a competitor. Almost all issues with a UX can be solved by just testing 5 unique users to see what they discovered on a site – doesn’t it make sense then to evaluate the user experience on your website today?

Could You See a $100 Return For Each $1 Spent?

When IBM made the UX of their website a priority, they discovered that they were making $100 for every $1 they spent to improve the experience that users got. Other companies have seen similar results: Amazon saw an increase of over $300 million in revenues while McAfee saw a 90% decrease in their overall customer support costs. Though these extravagant figures may not be reflective of the average small business, how much more profit would you have if you got just $5 for ever $1 you spent on UX? Wouldn’t that be worth it in itself?

Increase Usability and Decrease Confusion

When polled, the primary reason why most visitors bounce from a website is because the overall architecture and content of the website was confusing. Because they couldn’t find the help they needed, they went somewhere else. That principle is seen in brick and mortar stores as well too – that’s why an employee comes up to ask you if you need any help! By improving the overall design of the site and by making it visually appealing through relevant images, the UX of any website can be dramatically improved by just a few simple tweaks because you’ve reduced the confusion that visitors feel.

How Consistent Are Your Site’s Pages?

The biggest killer of a UX is an inconsistency in the different pages a site may have. If there are branding changes, layout changes, or even font changes in the text, users are going to begin feeling uncomfortable. For some, that’s enough to leave your site as it is. If there is little interaction between the website and the visitor, then if you combine the two issues, you’ll achieve that high bounce rate. Considering over 60% of consumers base their current purchasing decisions off of their previous ones, a good UX is likely to lead to repeat revenues being seen on a daily basis. Without it? You might as well just close up shop.

How Could You Improve Your UX?

Get people to test the user experience on your site today. This way you will constructively know what works, what doesn’t work, and what you may need to do to fix things. Many UX issues can be easily solved so that visitors feel welcome to your site and will want to spend money on your products or services. Unfortunately just having a cool looking website isn’t enough for the modern online shopper – use these tips today to improve your UX. Chances are you’ll improve your revenues as well.

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