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39 Cute and Cool Food Names and Brands

A listing of 39 food names and brands from your local markets and corner stores. Rather these brands are focused on wholesome choices, fine delicatessens, or local grocers, these names will help to inspire you.

52 East Grocery
Belltown Market
Big Apple Market
Bilisee Market
Broome Street Grocery
Calcaterra Food Co.
City Foods
Fair Share Fine Foods
Fairplay Foods
Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy
Food 4 Less
Golden Pacific Market
Greens N’ Things
Guzman Grocery
Happy Foods Incorporated
Hilltop Red Apple Market
Indo Pak Meat & Grocery
Inwood Food Center
J&J Foods
Lazy Day’s Deli & Market
Lucky One Food Store
Market Place Foodstore
Metropolitan Market
Morse Fresh Market
Oaktree Market
Olivia’s Market
One Stop Food and Liqours
Papito Grocery
Pax Wholesome Foods
Quality Food Centers
Sole Food
Southport Grocery & Cafe
Stop & Shop
Sunflower Food Market
Super Gourmet Food Corp.
The Food Emporium
Trader Joe’s
Union Market
Well Green Market

The below infographic outlines 9 interest facts about the food industry. A total of 90 million acres of corn is produced each year in the United States with less than one percent accounting for sweet corn that is actually consumed.
Food Industry Interesting Facts

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