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5 Best Strategies to Increase Sales


Five Challenges for Better Sales

You should already have Olympians on your sales team. They are passionate about surmounting any obstacle. If your team is an A Team, then they are clever, resourceful, and motivated. They are ready to work as a team as a result of proper training. With this spirit, they should be poised on taking on the five challenges of better sales.

Challenge 1. Accurately Forecast Business
In this area, over 50% of the team needs to improve on this. The use of predictive sales analytics can be used to consistently beat the sales quota.

Challenge 2: Effectively Share Best Practices Across the Sales Force
In this area, 41.2% of the team needs improvement. Create scenario for healthier team collaboration to accelerate and maximize the rate of wins.

Challenge 3: Farm Additional Deals from Existing Customers
Over 45% needs improvement in this area. To improve on this, you can turn real time account records into an opportunity with customer specific price quotes and proposals.

Challenge 4: Spot the Best Opportunities
In this area, 44.2% of the team needs improvement. The use of insight can be employed to work on the best opportunities.

Challenge 5: Effectively Communicate with Customers
In this area, 34.5% of the team needs improvement. Mobile applications can be relevant in every customer meeting with the aim of improvement the customers experience and loyalty.

If the sales team can scale through these challenges, then they are unstoppable.

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