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List of 125 Cool Cafeteria Names

Cafeterias are known for their ability to prepare and cook large quantities of food that service schools, hospitals, and institutions. This industry has actually seen a slight growth in employment and wages this year. Nursing facilities and special food services are a specialty cafeterias service. The following list include cafeteria names from existing organizations across the United States.

Aha Moments
Awake Brew
Baked Sense Café
Blossom Cafe and Bakery
Blue House Cafeteria
Brett Wood Cafeteria
Brown Crunch
Bungy Buddy Cafeteria
Cafe 35
Cafe at the Park
Cafe Pixel Café
Cafeteria Lola
Cafeteria Magaly
Cafeteria Marianao
Cafeteria Panaderia
Caffe California
Candel Berry
Choice Cafeteria
Clifton’s Cafeteria
Copeland’s Reliable Cafeteria
Crazy Frank Cafeteria
Custom Crell Cafeteria
Daily Zest Cafeteria
Derben Daisy Cafeteria
Ding Dong Cafeteria
Dinner Bell Cafeteria
Divine Treat
Dubrow’s Cafeteria
Easterlyn Café
Eater Daisy
El Nino Cafeteria
Emely Deli & Cafeteria
Experiya Cafeteria
First Delish Café
Food Cave Café
Food Crest Café
Food Cross
Food Festiva
Food in Frinz
Food Minute Cafeteria
Food Wave Cafeteria
Foodo Fly Café
Foodong Cafeteria
Foodoo Street
Foremost Taste
Forum Cafeterias
Frame Flip Cafeteria
Fresco Fill Café
Fresh Healthy Cafe
Fresh Layer Cafeteria
Galiano Cafeteria
Go Play Café
Grand North Café
Great Span Café
Ground Up Cafeteria
HappinHut Cafeteria
Hence Café
Henry Quest Cafeteria
Henry’s Cafeteria
Hot Orbin Cafeteria
Jazz Cafe
JMP Cafeteria
Jolly Crew Cafeteria
Joy on Jest Cafeteria
Just Eat it! Café
Las Mercedes Cafeteria
Leaf & Bean Co.
Lion House Pantry
Los Bobos Cafeteria
Manning’s Cafeterias
Manny’s Cafeteria
Mariposa Cafeteria
May Made Cafeteria
MCL Cafeterias
Mei’s Kitchen
Mid East Cafeteria
Mid Town Café
Midtown Global Market
Morning Mozo
Morrison’s Cafeteria
Motive Space Cafeteria
Mountain Top Cafe
Mr. Fables
NBA Cafeteria
NorthWind Surf
Oasis Café
One Way Cafe
Open Brook
Out Wood East
Piccadilly Restaurants
Plastic Cafeteria
Popping Pop Cafeteria
PS Gourmey Cafeteria Inc.
Saints Paradise Cafeteria
Semi Eater Cafeteria
Sholl’s Colonial Cafeteria
Sling Berry Cafeteria
Speedway Cafe
Starry Nites
Teahouse 101
Tempteva Eat
The Bird’s Cafe
The Blue Plate Diner
The Overlook Cafeteria
Tidbits Café
Top’s Cafeteria
Total Cafeteria
Trebbo tree
Ultimate Soulfood
Under 55 Cafe
Under 88 Café
Up Degree Café
Upper Crest Café
Urban Bite
Urban Loft Café
Urban Tasty Café
Vibe Handel Cafeteria
Vibrant Minch
Way Mouth Café
White Flag Café
Whole Awe Cafeteria
Wok-In Cafeteria

When it comes to school, only 1% of the bagged lunches kids bring do not meet the nutritional standards of cafeterias there. The below infographic outlines the facts and stats of brown bags versus cafeteria food in schools.

School Cafeteria vs Packed Lunch

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