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49 Clever & Witty Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Fantasy baseball is focused on managing a roster of Major League Baseball players, competing with other users based on the current statistics of that player in real life. Fantasy baseball is also often criticized due to its time intensity and difficult of a 162 game season and inconsistency of players. For your next game, here is a collection of fantasy baseball team names that are both funny and clever to inspire your own team creation.

8-ball of Phil Coke
Addison and Subtraction
Angels in the Troutfield
Baby We Were Bourn to Run
Blood, Guts, and Longoria
Bosch Pit
Bryce, Bryce Baby
Buck Me Running!
Butt Thole Surfers
Call Me, Maybin
Cespedes Gonzalez
Changin’ Grillis Like Jay Changes Clothes
Dempster Babies
FIP to Be Square
Get Your Mota Running
He Went to Jared
Hide & Cacique
Huff the Magic Dragon
I’ll Castroate You
I’m Aoki, You’re Aoki
Inglorious Bastardos
Keepin’ It Villarreal
Kluber Lang
Machado Man
Mumbo Trumbo
Nyjer Please
Ogando in 60 Seconds
Paredes by the Dashboard Light
Priest Walks Into Aybar
Prior & Bryce
Profar So Good
Reverse Cowgill
Ruggiano Burns
Seven Headley Sins
Sippin on Gin Andrus
Smoakin’ a Jay
Spaghetti and Motteballs
Stop! Hammel Time
The Book of Biogenesis
The Great Gattisby
The Humber Games
The Price is Wright
TP For My Buchholz
You D’Arnaud the Father!
Your Mother’s Father Determines if Ubaldo
Yu Mad, Bro?
Zero Dark Theriot

The following infographic explains the payroll index for fantasy baseball. Based on the point values of each player, these can increase the worth of your player. The average costs for some of the best players on first through third base and the outfield is between $40 and $45.

Fantasy Baseball Statistics

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