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How to Create a Social Resume on LinkedIn


Social Resume- How Employers and Job Seekers Connect Online

Social resume is a useful and dependable tool not only for the job seekers but also for potential employers. Likewise, the social media is the first thing being credited as it serves as the pathway through which job seekers are able to land a good job.

Creating An Online Presence

More so, a social resume is a means of creating an online presence. It best presents a person’s being well-qualified as a job candidate in the professional and business world. It actually has its function of giving potential clients and employers a more polished presentation of the experience and skills.

Apart from it, it helps in networking with other people in the field and allows a person of keeping a portfolio that really works. It can also be updated in no time at all. Depending on a specified network, it lets one to look at the updated resume and further present other analytics.
Furthermore, there is a growing popularity on social resumes as the percentage remains higher among employers, with almost eighty-nine to ninety-two percent and sixty-four percent to eighty-eight percent, from 2011-2012.

Seeking Talent

Apart from it, there is also a growing percentage among recruiters that make use of social networking sites in finding job candidates. These social networks mainly include Twitter, Linkedln and Facebook.

As mentioned, there are various social networking sites that can help in building a social resume. Linkedin is a professionally networking site that mainly allows all recruiters to connect, find and search with candidates. It also enables a lot of users to mainly create profile through the use of relevant keywords, joining a network or even an industry groups.

Tumblr, Typepad and Word Press are blog engines that can easily be used to share and create a blog. It further promotes the overall experience, skills and highlights of one’s career.

Razume.com and Ziggs.com are also websites that enable one to create a social resume right from the scratch. It further connects one on the job search engines, tracks and creates visits on the profile. It also enables one to be listed in the professional directories.

VisualCV.com and ResumeSocial.com are also reliable websites that further enable a job seeker to have and share a video resume. You can also limit the people who will be seeing your information. It also assists you in interacting and connection with other people in the field. The advantage of a job-posting aggregator is even provided.

Marketing Yourself with a Social Resume

More so, it is also good to consider a social resume that most social presence recruiters will like. It must be that one is a member of a professional organization and must mention a sense of volunteerism. However, there is no need to include profanity, spelling mistakes or poor grammar, the mere mention of alcohol consumption and even religious posts.

Creative Techniques

In addition, there are even the most creative techniques to use on building a social resume. A creative and resourceful job seeker must have an infographic that is based on a resume. Even a particular marketing manager online may create the model on the look of a resume in Google Analytics.

In fact, a professor in college that teaches social media class also built a Pinterest resume through the PowerPoint slides along with recommendations, professional headshots, videos, QR Codes, work screenshots, headshots and a whole lot more.

Through the use of the most creative techniques, a social resume is considered to be of worth the effort. In fact, eighty-nine percent of recruiters already hired employees through Linkedln and twenty-five percent also have hired by means of Facebook and fifteen percent by Twitter.

Now, you have learned more about social resume and how it links job seekers and employers online!

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