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13 Usage Statistics on Social Media Login for Websites


Social Login Trends

87 percent of individuals register at a website and use one of their social networks also known as email identities. This is the so called social login trends which is a kind of technology that solves any website problems that are commonly encountered by online users through the traditional registration process. As a web user, you don’t like to file registration forms from scratch. Instead, you enjoy maintaining a dozen of usernames and passwords on the site that you frequently visit. The growth of social media will encourage every individual to maintain online personas. The use of Facebook to deal and interact with friends and relatives, the use of Twitter that allow you to follow, share opinions and influences, the use of Linkedin that serves as a professional network and Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo that are used to communicate with your important contacts will increase. 2.5 billion people that maintain their accounts with these kind of services and social login trends will solve the registration problem that makes it possible to use a variety of identities for an easy sign up and log in process across the site on the web.

Social Media

The social login trends will provide preferences in order to indicate a good consumer affinity toward a variety of online identities. When it comes to social login trends, Facebook is one of people’s choices that serves as one of the popular identity providers for social login trends. Facebook attained a percentage of 45 percent during the Q3. 33 percent goes to Gmail, 7 percent of Yahoo Mail and Twitter and 2 percent for Google Chrome. Gmail closed the gap with Facebook as the second most popular choice of people. The social login trends will help solve the problem on how to collect accurate data and information from the users while the registration rates increase at the same time. It also shortens the process of registration by just a single click. It will give you instant permission and access in order to achieve the psychographic and demographic information and data of the users.

Marketing Social Media

The social profile can also be utilized for the purpose of content personalization and product recommendations to ensure that the targeting and segmentation are attained. The popularity of entertainment, retail and gaming is very significant in the growth of consumer brands and sites. In order to implement social network trends, every network uses a variety of protocols that include OpenID, OAuth, proprietary technologies and hybrids. The implementation of these is the result of the so called coding social login that requires an investment of time, focus and effort.

Maintaining Social Media

The ongoing maintenance and engineering expertise of social network sites will help them attain advanced results. The sharing solution and social login trends will allow you to connect with ease using various social networking sites with the use of a single API. You will truly focus on the core competency and social trust that the user management wants to achieve. The social login trends will serve as the gateway for a wide range of great opportunities in the modern world.

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