49 Ideas for Candle Company Names

The candle industry is estimated to see over $2 billion a year in annual sales throughout the United States alone. An estimated 90% of women are responsible for making candle purchases with three fourths of their decisions being based on the scent and than the color. Candles can be found in 7 out of every 10 homes making this industry growing strong. The following series of candle company names are from small and independent candle businesses that offer unique products to their local consumers.

A Little Candle & Bath Shop
Athenian Candle Co.
Beartooth Candle Co.
Bedford Basket
Bright Glow Candle
Bright Lights Candle Co.
Brookstone Candle
California Candle Co.
Calla Lily Candle Company
Candle 79
Candle Place USA
Cape Candle LLC
Common Scents Candle & Sign Co.
Continental Candle Co.
Crusader Candle Co.
Dreams & Rainbows
Eagle Rock Candle
Eternal Light Candle Co.
General Wax & Candle Company
Golden Bee Candle Co. LLC
Heaven Scent It Candle Co.
Luminous Glow Candle Co.
Mia Bella Candles
Mole Hollow
Natural Creations Candle Co.
Oceans Boutique Inc.
Old Pine Candle Company
Old West Candle Company
Olde City Candle Co.
Original Candle Co.
Pink Cupcake Candle Co.
Pure Light Candle Studios
Purple Sun Candle Company
Red Flower
Rustic Candle Co.
Scented Swan Soap & Candle Co.
Seven Sisters Soap and Candle Company
Shorties Candles Co.
Silver Leaf Bath & Candle Co.
Sixth Sense
SoyBrite Candle Company LLC
Star Candle
Swan Creek Candle
Sweet Light Candle Co.
The Primitive Candle Company
Topanga Candle Company
White Barn Candle Co.
Wild Bee Candle Company

Over a billion pounds of wave are used for producing candles each year. Majority of consumers find that purchasing candles for holiday and house warming gifts are a perfect occasion and most appropriate for giving. the below infographic outlines interesting statistics and facts about the candle industry.

Candle Facts