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48 Funny Flag Football Team Names

The average American pays $100 a year towards sports programming and subscriptions. Of these viewers, 60% watch football by television. An average of 1 in every 5 viewers record some shows and special events. For football enthusiast, flag football is a great choice for a fun and non competitive or physical sports to partake in. The following listing of funny flag football team names have been used by others and are intended to encourage your own name.

Air Farce
Axis of Ignorance
Back that Pass Up
Balls Deep
Blue Balls of Destiny
Burrested Development
Club Foot
Clubber Langs
Crack Smoking Monkets
Cranium Krusherz
Death at the Net
Deep Threat
Dream Kills
Favre Dollar Footlongs
Finger Pupper Mafia
Fumble This
Hoosier Daddys
Little Jerry Seinfelds
Long Snappers
Loose Ends
Mogadishu Pirates
Multiple Scorgasms
No Punt Intended
Norfolk in Chance
Ocho Stinko
Own Goal
Pimp My Side
Pylon Pythons
Sacred Hitless
Shooting Stars
Sir Hits A lot
Soup a Stars
Space Monkey Mafia
Spinal Tappers
Stars and Stri[es
Stunned Punts
Team Jagermeister
Team Ramrod
Team White Meat
The Abusement Park
The Monstars
The Untouchables
Trigger Happy Bunnies
Vick In A Box
Victorious Secret
Vicious and Delicious

Almost 75% of Americans watch football with 64% watching the NFL. Only 55% of females watch any form of football. The below infographic outlines interest statistics and facts about Football and the American love for it.

Football Sports Viewership Statistics

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