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Health Risks of Sitting Down Too Long


The Truth About Prolonged Sitting

According to the current study, those who sit for a longer span of time like couch potatoes or desk workers have a high risk of developing an illness compared to those who move their muscles from time to time in a non-workout manner like making a cup of tea or walking up to the stairs.

Why is Sitting Bad?

Research shows that prolonged sitting can encourage lack of muscle movement which is the best way to describe sedentary characteristics. Lots of people mistakenly consider the word “sedentary” to those who don’t exercise. However, the study team proposes that sedentary actions are rather than a distinct type of behavior not related to deficiencies in a workout, which heightens bad health. Activities can take account of the daily routine like watching TV. For instance, recent proof has revealed that sitting for long hours at your desk or watching TV can raise the risk of untimely death from stroke or heart disease. The possibility of metabolic condition to a female is a sign of a heart disease and diabetes and it jumps 26 percent for every additional hour of sitting at your desk or in front of the TV. Whole body muscle inactivity related to extended sitting periods has been associated to obesity and particular kinds of cancer.

Negative Effects of Sitting to Long

Here are the reasons why prolonged sitting can cause various illnesses and worse, reduce life expectancy. This is the result conducted by the recent study.

1. The time you sit down, the leg muscles’ electrical activity stops working.
2. The speed of calorie burning lessens to only 1 calorie per minute.
3. Burning enzymes and fat breaking in the body drastically reduce by almost 90 percent.
4. Upon sitting for 2 hours, there is a twenty percent drop of good cholesterol.
5. The immunity system drops by 24 percent upon sitting for twenty-four hours and this increases the risk of diabetes.

If the aforementioned facts are not frightening enough, well did you know that prolonged sitting increases the possibilities of heart issues twice compared to those who work frequently on their feet? The activity of sitting really switches off the system and places it into a meltdown stage.

Establish a Schedule

You can’t turn back the time, but you could give yourself a good chance to live a healthy life. The best thing to do is to break the sitting schedule as frequently as you can, although you are focused on a project. Stand up to stretch your body before resuming to work as this will really help you avoid the possibilities of medical concerns.

Sitting for a longer period of time is indeed bad for your health. It reduces your life expectancy compared to people who work with their feet. There are many things you can do in order to avoid these harmful possibilities. You can interrupt your sitting as frequently as you can. Lesser hours of sitting lessens various health risks and as a result, makes you healthier and prolongs your life as well. So, the best thing you can do is to give yourself a break.

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