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47 Remarkable Mike Pence Quotes

Mike Pence is an American politician, lawyer, and the current Vice President of the United States. Previously serving as the 50th Governor of Indiana for four years prior, Pence is most noted for initiating the largest tax cut in Indiana’s history and continued to increase his state’s budget surplus. Here is a look at some of the best Mike Pence quotes to encourage you.

“American ideals are superior to countries all across the world.”

“Anybody who is familiar with the historical data from the IRS knows that raising income tax rates will likely actually reduce federal revenues.”

“Calls to ban Muslims from entering the US are offensive and unconstitutional.”

“Conservative Republicans are back. We’re in the fight for fiscal discipline and limited government, and we are on the side of the American people.”

“From the heart, there is no place in America for hatred or acts of prejudice or violence or anti-Semitism.”

“Hoosiers don’t believe in discrimination.”

“Human cloning is coming.”

“I – do I believe in evolution? I embrace the view that God created the heavens and the earth, the seas and all that’s in them.”

“I and Trump were raised to believe that to whom much is given, much will be required.”

“I believe we need to focus first and foremost – as Donald Trump has done with such force and such passion – on border integrity and building the wall.”

“I have prayed with the families and wept at the funerals of Hoosiers who did not shrink from 9-11 but grew into heroes whose names will forever be engraved in the heart of a grateful nation.”

“I long for the day that”Roe v. Wade” is sent to the ash heap of history.”

“I mean, you know, there’s a lot of talk about tolerance in the country today having to do with people on the left.”

“I never thought I’d live to see the day that an American administration would denounce the state of Israel for rebuilding Jerusalem.”

“I opposed the Medicare prescription drug entitlement. I opposed the Wall Street bailout. I opposed the stimulus bill.”

“I think if you’re gonna be pro-life, you should be pro adoption.”

“I think it’s inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country.”

“I try to spend a little bit of time on my knees every day, but it all begins for me with cherishing the dignity, the worth, the value of every human life.”

“I want to be very clear – there will be no path to legalization.”

“I was raised to believe in hard work, in faith and family. … The most important job I’ll ever have is spelled D-A-D.”

“If I only had 12 years left to live, I’d want to live it as a member of Congress because that was the 12 longest years of my life.”

“If I saw a restaurant owner refuse to serve a gay couple, I wouldn’t eat there anymore. As governor of Indiana, if I were presented a bill that legalized discrimination against any person or group, I would”

“I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.”

“I’m a small-town kid who grew up with a cornfield in the back yard and dreaming of serving my country in public office.”

“I’m grateful to Donald Trump’s pro-life views, and I’m grateful that he’s expressed those views so publicly and openly.”

“Indiana is a state that works because conservative principles work every time you put them into practice.”

“It’s hard for me to believe sometimes that my three kids never met my dad.”

“It’s time to stop the raid on the Social Security trust fund and start allowing Americans to invest their Social Security taxes in personal savings accounts.”

“Let’s win the peace and democracy the good people of Iraq so richly deserve after decades of tyranny.”

“Like every American, I will never forget where I was on the morning of September 11, 2001. As a member of Congress from Indiana, that day my duties took me to Capitol Hill and to sights and sounds I will never forget.”

“My Christian faith is at the very heart of who I am.”

“My votes against the education bill and my votes against the Medicare bill got huge play at home.”

“Negative campaigning is wrong.”

“Power is an instrument of fatal consequence. It is confined no more readily than quicksilver, and escapes good intentions as easily as air flows through mesh.”

“Sadly, embryonic stem cell research is completely legal in this country and has been going on at universities and research facilities for years.”

“The government competes in the private sector the way an alligator competes with a duck.”

“The truth is that this culture of political correctness has tied the hands of law enforcement around the USA.”

“The United States cannot and should not discriminate on the basis of religion. The free exercise of religion is at the very heart of our constitutional guarantee for all persons of this country.”

“There’s going to be no compromise on repealing Obamacare lock, stock and barrel.”

“There’s two ways you can defeat your opponent, number one, is you can defeat ’em outright, or number two, you can just demoralize them.”

“This isn’t the old days where you can just say stuff and people will believe it.”

“To date, embryonic stem cell research has not produced a single medical treatment, where ethical, adult stem cell research has produced some 67 medical miracles.”

“Torture is illegal. Torture is banned by various provisions of the law. I support that.”

“We welcome the National Rifle Association here to Indianapolis. It’s tens of thousands of freedom loving Americans.”

“When you hear Donald Trump say he wants to make America great again, when we do that I truly do believe the American people are going to be standing taller, they’re going to see that real change can happen after decades of just talking about it.”

“While that amendment failed, human cloning continues to advance and the breakthrough in this unethical and morally questionable science is around the corner.”

“You shut the door, you tell the boss exactly what you think. But when the door opens, the job of the vice president is to stand right next to the president and implement the policy that he’s decided. And I’m prepared to do that.”

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