47 Good Cell Phone Company Names

The cell phone is normally thought of as being used for the primary function of making a call. Actually, checking the time is the number one use of a cell phone. This is followed by the second highest function which is to text. Approximately 83% of cell phone users take pictures with their phones and 60% play music. The following list of cell phone companies currently exist throughout the United States. A wide variety of options are available of service providers to choose from. This listing is meant to encourage your own brand creation and company name.

A-A Blast Mobile
Actionlink Wireless
Aircell LLC
All Phase Communications
All-Ways Wireless
Boost Mobile
Buddys Wireless
Cell Again
Cell Express
Cellular Town
Cellular World
Choice Wireless
Connect 4 Less Wireless
Connected Lyfe
Cricket Wireless
Custom Cell
Diamond Wireless
Distinctive Cellular Solutions
Everything Wireless
Fix A Phone
Get Wired
Good Technology Inc.
Green Street Wireless
Next Level Wireless
Orion Wireless
Parrot Cellular
Phone Restore
Seer Technology
Simple Cell Solutions
Smart Mobile
Smart Wireless
Sound Advice Cellular
Switch My Stuff
The Clear Store
The Sound Shoppe
US Mobile
Varietel Communications LLC
Veracity Networks
Wind River Cellular
Wireless Revolution
Wireless Connect LLC
Wireless Giant
Wireless Waves
Xtreme Accessories

A total of over 200 trillion text messages are received in America each day. That is more than an entire year worth of mail. Each month, the average American teen can send over 3300 texts. This is a 566% increase from just two years ago. The following infographic lists interesting usage statistics of cell phone users in America.

American Cell Phone Statistics and Usage