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101 Examples of Catchy Cell Phone Slogans and Taglines

A list of 101 catchy cell phone slogans and taglines from around the mobile market. Most of these slogans gear advertising to those on the go and wanting to stay connected.

100% Proof.
A magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.
Activate yourself.
America’s first green phone.
Any make. Any brand. If we can’t fix it, no one can.
As long as you have a Cell Phone you’re never alone
Be Bold.
Be direct.
Believe in something better.
Best in class.
Better sound through research.
Beyond the style.
Can you hear me now?
Carry your business with you.
Cell phones saves your soul.
Choose Freedom.
Come fly the friendly cell phones,
Committed to connect.
Communicate with tomorrow.
Communicating to the world.
Do not use cell phone while driving.
Do you like this?
Don’t worry. We’ll fix it.
Dreams come true.
Droid Does.
Empowering People.
Essential to life.
Expanding Possibilities.
Fast cell phones and good for you.
For mobile fans,.
Get more out of now.
Go on, get your cell phones out.
Go Places. Google Things.
Good to the last cell phones.
Got a glitch? Get a fix.
Grab the world of word.
Help is on the way.
Help is only a phone call away.
Just one call fixes up all.
Keep your world moving.
Keeping you in the know.
Let the cell phones take the strain.
Life’s Good.
Love your mobile phone?
Make you online footprint memorable.
Making it all make sense.
My cell phone to yours.
New phone and improved.
Next is new.
Not just any mobile.
Now you wont have to wait until you get home to Google your date.
Open possibilities.
Open your limits.
Our call, anytime, anywhere!
Phone E.T. for your home.
Phone the only way to fly.
Phone, when you just feel like it.
Phones are wonderful when they work.
Picture Perfect.
Professional communication at your fingertips.
Purely You.
Rammed world connections.
Say it with cell phones.
Snap into a slim cell phone.
Solutions for a small planet.
Soon there will be 2 kinds of people. Those who use computers, and those who use Apples.
State of the heart phone service.
Take Toshiba, Take the World.
The affordable solution you want.
The distinguished makers of phones.
The globe of smartphones.
The next level of communication.
The Perfect Experience.
The phone presence you need.
The phone service you need.
The power to be the best.
The Power to be your best.
The reliable source for everything phone.
The world’s smallest smartphones.
Think outside the box.
Unbox your phone.
Unforgettable mobile.
We bring cell phones to life.
We Bring Good Things To Life.
We deliver.
We fix it.
We hear you.
We Make IT Happen.
We simplify the technology.
We won’t drop the call.
We’re equally excited about phone.
Where do you want to go today?
Works in over 200 countries, like Jamaica.
You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.
Your business everywhere.
Your business is your smart phone.
Your call is important.
Your dream phone.
Your potential. Our passion.
Your Vision, Our Future.

The following infographic explains industry statistics for the cell phone industry. 9 out of 10 Americans currently own and operate a cell phone.

Cell Phone Statistics and Trends

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