47 Unique Tanning Salon Names

Tanning trends are most dictated by celebrities and starlets that prance around anywhere between amber and bronze skin tones. The hottest trends of today can be found with spray on tanning salons, accelerators, tanning lotions, and tinted moisturizers. Warnings should be heeded when it comes to the risks associated with color additives in tanning pills and melanotan which induces changes in skin pigment. For those that wish to join the tanning salon industry, the following catalog of tanning salon business names from around the United States is located below. These are meant to encourage the creation of your own unique brand.

360 Tans
A Better Tan
Aruba Tan
Bare Tan
Beach Bum Tanning
Bella Bronze Tan
City Sun Tanning
Darque Tan
Eclipse Sunless Tanning Salon
Fun Tan
Future Tan’s Tanning Spa
Get Sun Kissed
Glo Sun Spa
Image Tan
Malibu Tan
Mango Tan
Maui Tanning
Nautica Tan
Oasis Tanning
Ortanic Gold Coast
Palm Beach Tan
Planet Beach
Salon Essentials
Secret Sun Salon
Simply Sun Tanning Salon
SoHo Tan Spa
Solar Dimensions Tanning Salons
Solar Salon
Sun Club
Sun Room Tanning
Sun Tan City
Super Bodies Tanning
Tan Bella
Tan Co.
Tan N Sea
Tangible Tanning
The Solar Lounge
Total Tan Inc.
Totally Tanning
Toucan Tan
Tropical Tan
Twilight Tans
Ultimate Exposure Tanning Centers
Ultramax Tans
VIP Tanning Salon
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Tanning has a long history that dates back to Ancient Rome. In fact, tans use to be considered unpopular. There are many rewards and risks to tanning as outlined below in the following infographic.
Interesting Facts and History of Tanning Salons