43 Ideas for Pest Control Company Names

In recent times the pest control industry has seen heightened demand, increasing their growth over 5% from the previous year and expected to hit $11.4 billion in annual revenue. This demand has been due to expanding pest issues popping up in businesses. Of the 20,000 and more operators in the industry, there exists little concentration in pest control. Primary strategies surround ways to minimize transportation costs and provide faster services. The below series of pest control company names are from businesses that operate in the United States and offer defense solutions against unwanted pests.

ABC Pest Control
Abode Pest Solutions
Accurate Pest Control
Ace Pest Control
ACME Termite & Pest Control
Advantage Pest Control
Allied Pest Management
Ambassador Pest Management
An Integrity Pest Control Service
Anti Pesto Bug Killers
Best Pest Control Company
Bugs or Us Termite & Pest
Certified Pest Control
Couch’s Pest Patrol Inc.
Critter & Pest Defense
Dame Pest Solutions Inc.
Eagle Pest Control Co.
Earth’s Best Pest Management
Emergency Pest Patrol LLC
First Choice Fertilization and Pest Control
Good News Pest Solutions
Green Monster Lawn Care and Pest Control
Green Palm Pest Control
Green Solutions Lawn Care & Pest Control
Helping Your Home Service LLC
Home Protection Pest Control
Home Team Pest Defense
Jones & Sons Pest Control
Krypton Pest Control Co.
Larue Pest Management Inc.
Natural Resources Pest Control
New Era Pest Control
Pest Control of Tamarac
Pest Detector, Inc.
Pest Eliminators Inc.
Premier Pest Management
Pro Staff Termite & Pest Control Inc.
Regal Termite & Pest Control
Safer Pest Control
The Pest Control Co.
Thermal Clean
Tropical Pest Management Inc.
Your Termite & Pest Control Co.

New trends have surrounded methods for providing green pest control. More than 87 unintentional deaths occur daily as the result of a poisoning. The poison control center answers more than 4 million calls a day regarding inquiries and concerns from Americans. High toxicity poisons are not considered safe about pets and children, increasing demand for green pest control. Pests are also becoming immune to traditional pesticides, resulting in more frequent recurrences. The following infographic outlines the facts and trends of green pest controls and how it is changing the industry.

Benefits of Green Pest Control