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43 Marvelous Kamal Ravikant Quotes

Kamal Ravikant is known for his unique perspectives gained from his list of amazing experiences in his life thus far. From meditating among Tibetan monks in the Dalai Lama’s monastery to walking more than 550 miles across Spain, here is a look at some of the most notable Kamal Ravikant quotes.

“As you love yourself, life loves you back. I don’t think it has a choice either. I can’t explain how it works, but I know it to be true.”

“Ask yourself: what is it, that if I believed it down to my core, would change everything?”

“But I can’t erase the past, only learn from it. It’s ok. Applying what I know makes the present and the future a beautiful place to be.”

“But in simplicity lies truth. In simplicity lies power.”

“Confidence comes from crossing thresholds.”

“Creating anything that never existed before is not sanity.”

“Darkness is the absence of light.”

“Decide what your truth is. Then live it.”

“Here we are, thinking that one needs to be in love with another to shine, to feel free and shout from the rooftops, but the most important person, the most important relationship we’ll ever have is waiting, is craving to be loved truly and deeply.”

“I promise you that the same stuff galaxies are made of, you are. The same energy that swings planets around stars makes electrons dance in your heart. It is in you, outside you, you are it. It is beautiful.”

“I sit with my back against a wall, put on my headphones, listen to the music, and imagine galaxies and stars and the Universe above, and I imagine all the light from space flowing into my head and down into my body, going wherever it needs to go.”

“If I loved myself truly and deeply, would I let myself experience this?”

“If there is one lesson I’ve learned from failure and success, it’s this. I am not the outcome. I am never the result. I am only the effort.”

“If there’s a definition of freedom, I think it’s this: living life on your terms.”

“If you’re about to take a risk–one that comes from within, one that expresses your true nature, that brings up fear after fear after fear–you know what to do.”

“It’s easy to wish for health when you’re sick. When you’re doing well, you need just as much vigilance.”

“Knowledge is never enough. Even action, if it’s just following a prescribed way, will never fully express your potential.”

“Life is a series of choices and all we can do is make them.”

“No matter how smart we may think we are, no matter how committed we are to our truth, we can lose our way.”

“Now I know what success is: living your truth, sharing it.”

“Once you cross the threshold, you will never be the same. That is a fact.”

“Pain doesn’t last. And when it’s gone, we have something to show for it. Growth.”

“Peace is letting it be. Letting life flow, letting emotions flow through you.”

“Real growth comes through intense, difficult, and challenging situations.”

“So I return to the question,”if I loved myself, truly and deeply, what would I do?” The answer comes easy: I’d fly. Fly as high as I possibly can. Then, I’d fly higher.”

“Sometimes, the only way to evolve is to open ourselves fully.”

“Success and failure come and go, but don’t let them define you. It’s who you are that matters.”

“Suffering is when we resist the moment.”

“The act of going within, finding our truth, and then sharing it, it helps us far more than we know.”

“The greatest achievement of humanity is the human spirit.”

“The key, at least for me, has been to let go. Let go of the ego, let go of attachments, let go of who I think I should be, who others think I should be.”

“The mind already has a strong wiring for love. The body knows it as well. It knows that love nurtures, that love is gentle, that love is accepting. It knows that love heals.”

“The only rule is that truth must empower you, make you better in every way possible.”

“The things I carry are my thoughts. That’s it. They are the only weight. My thoughts determine whether I am free and light or burdened.”

“The truth is to love yourself with the same intensity you would use to pull yourself up if you were hanging off a cliff with your fingers.”

“There is one rule, though: once you discover your truth, you have to go all in. Fully. Every single chip.”

“This day, I vow to myself to love myself, to treat myself as someone I love truly and deeply – in my thoughts, my actions, the choices I make, the experiences I have, each moment I am conscious, I make the decision I LOVE MYSELF.”

“Threshold is where the madness ends and the magic begins.”

“What if you don’t believe that you love yourself? Doesn’t matter. Your role is to lay down the pathways, brick upon brick, reinforce the connections between the neurons.”

“Whatever human endeavor we choose, as long as we live our truth, it is success.”

“When something comes from within, when it is a part of you, you have no choice but to live it, to express it.”

“When we go all in, we find the answers. They’re in us.”

“You cannot stay at the same level as when you first practiced your truth, life won’t let you.”

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