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43 Google Plus Small Business Marketing Tips and Tricks

43 Google Plus Small Business Marketing Tips and Tricks

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How to Use Google+ For Business

Google+ came a bit late to the social media space, and sadly most people are not making the most of this social network. It has a lot of untapped potential, which users are slowly starting to discover. With over 90 million users, this is a site you should not be ignoring. Even if you know the basic features of Google+, there is a lot more to this rapidly growing network.

Why Google+ Is the Place to Be

New social networking sites are nothing new. Many new ones are popping up all the time and it would be a big waste of time to check out all of them. A social network needs the right kind of backing to truly take off, so why should a business invest in Google+?

It is indexed by Google. Customers can find your business quicker and easier. Creating a business page will increase your search engine visibility.

Google+ offers a clean experience. Compared to other networks it is easier to share and rank other people’s comments and posts. There is a good variety of sharing options, from video and photos to posts and updates. Circles can be easily personalized so you follow only those you want and nobody else.

Users are active and engaged. A massive 60% of Google+ users log in every single day. In comparison, only 50% of Twitter users log in every day. Every week 80% of Google+ members are active on the network.

It’s brand new, yet growing rapidly. As mentioned before, Google+ already has over 90 million users, and this number is shooting up fast. This network is perfectly placed to benefit many businesses, if they take advantage of the opportunity.

Sharing is the Key

The whole point of a social network is to connect with people and share with them. This is very simple with Google+ if you know the basics. However, once you go beyond just share a link or two is where things to get really interesting.

You need to share information to entertain and interest your audience. In most cases your actual business isn’t of the highest interest. People really want to know more about you personally and your different interests. Be consistent with your desired image, because you are what you share. Information that is shared should benefit the reader and build your brand as well.

What Info should you Share?

Here are the basic types of info that can and should be shared:
• Your own ideas.
• Links and tips from other people.
• Educational information.

On Google+ you are essentially gathering information from various sources much like a magazine. Providing lots of original information is great, but remember this is a social platform, so remember to share other people’s ideas too. When you do share something you are endorsing it and putting your brand behind it. Also always respond to other people’s comments and continue to interact with your followers. Post a few time a day so that you reach your followers around the world across various time zones.

Business Pages

Take networking to the next level with Google+ Business Pages. This allows you to educate your followers, improve customer service, build a vibrant community, and share media to provide value. Video hangouts are also a fantastic way of letting the community get to know you and your brand better and interact with you in real time.

Quick Tips for Google+ Success

Enhancing your Business presence is easy with Google+, but be sure to manage your Business pages correctly for maximum impact and greater success. Always remember to:
• Build a relevant & targeted audience
• Put quality over quantity
• Create a campfire for shared interests or goals
• Be Consistent
• Be Selective
• Be Honest

If you are really serious about improving your business through social networking, then this is where you need to be active.

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