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45 Good High Tech Company Names

Statistics play an important rule when it comes to technology and science. Invariable, statistical concepts play an integral part in developing products and analyzing the produced products. Research ad application based statistics can be look to for gathering more information. The following series of technology company names are from firms across the United States, big and small, that work to continually develop the industry.

Access Technology Inc.
Advanced Medical Technology
Advanced Technology
AppNexus Inc.
Aspect Technology Inc.
AZ Technology Inc.
Basis Technology
Behance LLC
Blue Star Technology
Carahsoft Technology Corporation
CDI Corporation
CO-AX Technology Inc.
Cognizant Technology Solutions
CPA Technology
DuPont Fabros Technology Inc
Griffin Technology Inc.
Hightech Signs
Information Builders Inc.
Innovative Technology Authority
Kingston Ttechnology Co Inc.
Living Earth Technology Co.
Mexil Technology Solutions
Micron Technology Inc.
Miles Technologies
Millennium Technology Value Partners
NetStandard Inc.
Optionscity Software Inc.
Pave Technology
ProSoft Technology Group
Sabre Holdings Corporation
SilkRoad Technology
Sky High Tech
SoftRock Inc.
Supremesoft Corporation
SWC Technology Partners
Target Technology Co
Techcess Group
Total Technology Ventures LLC
VIC Technology Venture Development
World Wide Technology Inc.

Google has one of the industries highest ad spending and growth rate, and ranked among the highest of all tech companies. The below infographic outlines interest statistics and trends for internet marketing a tech company.

Tech Company Advertising Statistics

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