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125 Catchy Manicure Business Names

What girl doesn’t love to get her nails and toes done up all nice? A manicure and pedicure business is a great option for anyone who loves to provide a treasured service to women and men all over the world. Here are some wonderful ideas for names for a nail salon business to inspire the name of your very own.

AAA Nail Salon
All Season Nail Salon
Allure Nails and Spa
Anna Nail’s
Bamboo Nails and Spa
Black Label Nails & Spa
Bloomie Nails
Blue Bliss
Bora Bora Nail Salon
Charming Nails
Chelsea Nails
Cleopatra Nails
Corner Spot Nails
Creative Nail Care
Designer Nails
Divine Nail Spa
Dream Nails
Elegant Nails
Euphoria Nails & Spa
Everything Nails
Fantastic Nails
Filed Away
Final Touch Nails
Fingers 2 Toes
First for Nail
Forest Nails Spa
Forever Nails
Galleria Nail Salon
Get Nailed!
Get Tipsy Nail Salon
Glamour Girls Nail Spa
Glitter Girls Nail Salon
Graffiti Nails
Hand Model Manicures
Hands Down Nail Services
Happy Feet Nail Salon
Highland Nail Inc.
Holy Nails!
House of Nails
Infinity Nails
Ivy Nails
Just Nails
Karen’s Nails
Lily’s Spa
Little Piggies Nail Spa
Lovely Nails
Lucky Nails
Lush Nail Spa
Mac Nail Spa
Mandy’s Manicures
Manis and Pedis Salon
Marie Nails
Martinis and Manicures
Montrose Nail
My Nails
Nail Art
Nail Bar
Nail Dynasty
Nail Envy
Nail Expertise
Nail Trix
Nails of America
Nails on 88th Street
Nails, Nails, Nails!
Nationwide Nail & Spa
Nice Nails
Nouvelle Nail Salon
Number One Nails
One Minute Manicure
Palace Nails Bar
Passion Nails
Piedmont Nail Spa
Pinkies Nail Spa
Pinky Nail Salon
Pinky Toes Nail Salon
Pinx Nail and Spa Salon
Plush Nail Bar
Polish Me Pretty
Posh Nails
Pro Nails & Spa
Pure Nail Salon
Pure Rain Nails
Q Nails
Raise a Hand
Serenity Nail Salon and Spa
Serenity Salon
Shag Spa and Salon
Signature Nails
Sin City Nails
Six Pines Nails
Sky Nail Salon
Sugar Coats
Sunset Nails
Sweet and Sassy
Sweet Feet Pedicures
Sweet Feet Pedi-Spa
Tender Touch
The Golden File
The Nail Artist
The Nail Box
The Nail Designer
The Nail Garden
The Nail Place
The Nail Shop
The Nail Spot
The Nails Lounge
This Little Piggy Nail Salon
Tippity Toes Nail Salon
Tips and Toes Nail Spa
Tipsy Turvy Nails
TipToe Nail Salon
TNT Nails
Top Nails
Twinkle Toes Nail Salon
Urban Escape Nails Spa
USA Nails
V Nail
Venetians Nail Spa
Venus Nails
Village Nails
VNH Nails
We Love Tips Nail Salon
ZaZa Nail Salon

Nails have the ability to be works of art, as shown in this crazy video about a little nail salon in Korea. They go above and beyond with their outlandish designs!

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