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43 First Rate Law Blog Names

The law can be difficult to understand and interpret. Having a good source of reference will make the resolution for certain issues look clearer. These great law blog names from existing bloggers provide access to a wealth of information and will inspire you to start your own law blog someday.

Above the Law
All About Advertising Law
Apps in Law
Arbitration Nation
Artificial Lawyer
Before the Bar
Big Law Business
Clio Blog
Constitutional Law Prof Blog
Cruise Law News
Election Law Blog
Energy and the Law
EvidenceProf Blog
Excess of Democracy
Financial Panther
Gavel to Gavel
Glass Ceiling Discrimination Blog
Inside Privacy
Jurist—Paper Chase
Just Security
Law and Liberty
Law Technology Today
Legal Cheek
Legal Desire
Legal Evolution
Legal Mosaic
Legal Productivity
Letters Blogatory
Open Law Lab
Race and the Law Prof Blog
Rocket Lawyer
Socially Aware
The Algorithmic Society
The Art Law Report
The Dialogue Blog
The Employer Handbook
The Legal Geeks
Understanding the ADA

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