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43 Remarkable Facebook Addiction Statistics

Facebook has integrated itself into the lives of many. To some, it has even become an addiction that they cannot give up, even when they try. It has even become an official diagnosis as a behavioral disorder.

More than 350 million people around the world are believed to meet the clinical definition of an addiction because of their Facebook habits.

Facebook Addiction Statistics

With 1.9 billion people with a profile and counting, the numbers are only going to get worse. As with every addiction, those who are addicted will also tend to be the first to deny their behaviors. Do your Facebook habits match up with any of these Facebook addiction statistics?

  • 1.39 billion of the 1.9 billion profiles that are on Facebook right now are active at least once per month. This is a 13% increase over 2014 figures.
  • 890 million people log onto Facebook every day and will spend at least 20 minutes on the site. The average amount of user time, however, is actually 40 minutes.
  • There are 4.5 billion “likes” that happen on Facebook on any given day.
  • 1 in 3 people in the 25-34 age demographic have an active Facebook profile that they regularly log-in to use.
  • Facebook have 5 new profile pages that get created every second of every day. That’s 432,000 new Facebook profile pages that get created in a 24 hour period.
  • Women [53%] are more likely than men [47%] to find themselves regularly using Facebook.
  • Between 1pm-3pm is when the average daily user of Facebook is going to feed their addiction.
  • There are even 83 million fake profiles that have been created to help further feed an individual’s Facebook addiction.
  • The average time per month spent on Facebook is 421 minutes.

A Facebook addiction might be a bad thing for some individuals, but it can be a good thing for a business. The most common profile page is run by someone that is in the usual targeted age demographic for products or services. If a brand can create a relationship with these folks, then they are virtually guaranteed a 20 minute chance to interact with them and stay at the top of the mind of each follower. Forget investing into an infomercial for 20 minutes of entertainment. Get onto Facebook and interact with the addicts. They’ll crave your brand because it helps to define who they are.

How Much Has Facebook Influenced Society?

  • 38.6%. That’s the percentage of the global population that uses Facebook on at least a semi-regular basis.
  • There are over 151 million Facebook users in the United States alone.
  • In North America, Facebook has a saturation rate of over 43%.
  • There are over 148 million active users of Candy Crush Saga on Facebook right now.
  • The maker of Candy Crush Saga, King, has over 267 million active users through Facebook.
  • 1 million web pages today are accessible through the Login with Facebook feature.
  • 1 in 4 people with a Facebook profile will log into it at least 5x per day.
  • Almost half of all Americans [47%] say that the #1 influence on their purchasing decisions today is information that was found on Facebook.
  • 7 in 10 marketing specialists say that they have successfully used Facebook to generate new revenue streams.

An addiction encompasses all aspects of life in some way. These statistics show that Facebook is very much doing this to people. 24% of people get into Facebook a minimum of 5x per day, but there isn’t any data on people who boot up a computer and just leave a Facebook tab open all day and periodically check for updates. There’s also no data available on people who have push notifications setup on their mobile devices for Facebook updates. One fact is not in dispute: Facebook has become a dominant force in modern life.

What Is The First Thing You Do Every Day?

  • 50% of adults in the 18-24 age demographic will check on their Facebook profile before they do anything else after waking up in the morning.
  • The percentage of all internet page views in the United States that occur on Facebook: 20%. That means 1 in 5 pages being seen online by Americans is related to Facebook.
  • More than 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared every day by Facebook users so their friends can see it.
  • 30 million. That’s the number of businesses that have created a Facebook page.
  • Despite the public presence on Facebook, 36% of people who use the site daily say that they strongly dislike it when people share too much information about themselves.
  • Just 5% of Facebook users strongly dislike the fact that Facebook allows them to see others taking part in social activities where they themselves were not included.
  • 50% of women say that the main reason why they love using Facebook is because it gives them the chance to share information with multiple people at the same time.
  • 1 in 3 people who use Facebook say that they use the site to receive updates or comments about information they have posted.

What is the attraction to Facebook? Remarkably enough, it isn’t the chance to engage with family and friends. It is the chance to have influence over family and friends. Facebook provides a medium where popularity can be instantly judged with billions upon billions of likes every month. People receive instant feedback on opinions. This instant gratification can have negative consequences as well as arguments can ensue, but doesn’t every addiction have some sort of drama associated with it in some way? This just reinforces the case that Facebook addiction is a very real thing.

Can We Even Speak With All Our Facebook Friends?

  • 61% of all adult Facebook users have more than 100 friends associated with their profile.
  • The percentage of adults on Facebook that have between 101-250 friends: 23%.
  • People in the 18-29 age demographic on Facebook have an average of 300 friends associated with their profile.
  • The number of friends that a Facebook user who is in the 65+ age demographic has: 30.
  • 15% of Facebook users have more than 500 friends.
  • 12% of people on Facebook have been asked by someone to unfriend a person who is within their personal network.
  • Besides unfriending other friends, the most popular reason behind a third party request for someone to remove a networked friend is because they are a former romantic partner.

A person’s age is a direct reflection of how a Facebook profile is likely to be utilized. Baby Boomers are more likely to treat their Facebook page as a direct reflection of their own personality. They’ll friend people with whom they are close and family members, but that’s about it. In comparison, the younger generations tend to use Facebook as a way to connect with everyone. Sometimes Facebook is even used by entrepreneurs to create business connections with younger professionals. When it comes to a Facebook addiction, however, there is one question to ask: if there are 2,000+ friends on a personal page, is it even possible to stay connected with every person?

How Much Content Done Do We Actually Absorb?

  • 44% of Facebook users will like content that their friends have posted every day.
  • The percentage of Facebook users who like posted content from their friends multiple times per day: 29%.
  • 31% of people who use Facebook daily will comment on at least one uploaded photograph every day.
  • 1 in 5 people use Facebook or the Messenger App to speak with their friends every day.
  • 1 in 10 people send multiple messages through Facebook daily.
  • The percentage of people who update their status multiple times per day: 4%.
  • 1 in 4 people who use Facebook regularly say that they don’t ever update or change their profile status.
  • 52%. That’s the percentage of internet users who don’t use Facebook themselves, but have at least one person in their home that does.
  • 1 in 4 people who don’t have a Facebook account will use someone else’s account to look at status updates and photographs that have been posted.

We are so addicted to Facebook that even when we don’t have an active account, we’re still using the site. That’s how powerful Facebook is today on the internet. Many people have their mobile devices within an arm’s reach 24/7. This means Facebook is within reach 24/7. When there’s a down moment in the day and nothing else to do, a quick look at a Facebook profile is an easy way to fill the time. It’s when that becomes the first thing someone needs to do that an addiction sets in. That means 1 in 6 people who use Facebook qualify as being addicted.


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