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51 Catchy Import Export Company Names

The United States has a handful of top export markets we send our products to. The top countries that we export to are Canada, Mexico, and China. Between 2003 and 2012, the United States export market to China grew 294% while the rest of the world great only 111%. The top products exported are related to the machinery, chemicals, electronic, and transportation industries. A selection of import export company names from the United States are compiled below to inspire the establishment of your own import export company brand.

Advanced Technologies Group, Inc.
Aero Kool Incorporated
Affinity Partners Group
Air Technology Engines
Arrow Dynamics
Ascent Precision Gear Corporation
Biodyne, Inc.
Blue Aerospace
Blueen Ltd.
Capital Air Solutions
Charter Marketing Group
Coco Design
Consolidated Cordage Corporation
Duncan McCall Advertising
Eagle Packaging Machinery
Estrela Marketing Solutions
Flow Simulations
Frontline Communications
G&G Consulting
Green Sun
Hiller Group Inc.
Hudson Technologies
INFRAX Systems
ITC Global Inc.
Logus Microwave Corporation
Modern Enterprise Solution
Multicom Inc.
New England Machinery Inc.
Nier Systems Inc.
Ocalas Inc.
Omni International Group
Pan American Tool Corp.
Pelican Wire Company
Phoenix Coating Resources Inc.
Premier Solutions
Prime Export
Rapid Quick
Real Sims, LLC
Result Build
Short Quick
Supplyings Streamlined Logisitics
The Compak Companies LLC
Toxin Technology
Vital System Electronics
Vivant Pharmaceuticals LLC

The below infographic takes a look at the largest export markets to the United States. China is currently the third largest export market to the United States. While European demand weakens in the world, China is expected to increase their current role and standing. The top product exported to China from the US are crops followed by transportation and equipment. This accounts for a combined $37 billion. An estimated $14 billion in computers and electronics is exported to China. The top states that goods come from in the United States are California, Texas, Washington, New York, and Illinois.

United States Export Statistics

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