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101 Catchy Film Production Company Names

The film industry sees millions of visitors a year viewing movies and giving over $10 billion in box office revenue. While big production companies such as Warner Brothers, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox rule Hollywood, thousands of small and independent film production companies exist throughout the United States that provide a variety of services to meet all needs. With the rise of social media, more individuals are able to promote and market for their own self distribution and trans media films. The following catalog of film production company names represent small production companies from throughout the United States and intended to inspire your own production venture.

1128 Productions
A Set of Works
A World Apart Films
Academy Film Productions Inc.
Ace Pix International
Adrenaline Films
Advent Films
Affordable Budget Film Production
Apotheosis Pictures Productions
Apple Rain Studios
Apple Tree Productions
April Sky Studios
Armageddon Productions
Assembler Films
Beck Creative
Bird House Productions Inc.
Black Revel Productions
BlackFish Films
Blue Sky Films
Boss Media
Breed Film
Bright Star Productions
Brilliant Films
Cambridge Films
Champion Entertainment
Creative Kitchen
Crew Included
Cut to Create
David Marcus Films
Design & Magic Productions
Dominion Films
Dupree Film Production
Empire Creative Marketing
Eye Candy
Eye Light Media
Fine Film Production
Firefly Entertainment
Firefly Films Production
Flashback Films Inc.
Footloose Productions
Four Times Film
Fugal Productions
Ghost Ranch Films
Great Southern Studios
Green Street Films
Hand Crank Films
Holy Cow Film Productions
Io Communications
Jerico Pictures
Kinetic Media
Kreative High Productions
Leaf Pile
Legend Film Productions LLC
Levy Production Group
Liner Films
Little Ricky Productions
LoveWell Creative
Mangusta Productions LLC
Media Movers
Moonlite Filmwerks
Morocco Film Production
Nu-Classic Films
Paperbag Productions
Phantom Film
Picture Perfect Film productions
Picture Start Films Inc.
Pure Horror Films
Quality Film and Video
Real Time Pictures
Rival Film Studios
Rollin’ Films
Rusty Yankie Productions
Sea Star Films Commercial and Film Production
Severn River Productions
Shadow Pond Films
Silver Dove Pictures
Silver State Production Service
Skyplex Pictures
Slade Video Productions
Slate it Up Film Production
Solara Films Inc.
South Coast Film & Video
Sugar Camp Productions
Sundial Pictures LLC
Swagger Film
The Commercial Factory
The Production Service
Think Big Productions
TLC Film Productions
TMG Films
TriPro Production
TriSpirit Productions
True Film Production
Videographic Productions
VISION Production Groups
Working Stiff Commercial Film Production

Over 115,000 businesses are in the television and motion picture industry with over $41 billion paid in wages. The average production worker sees an annual salary of almost $75,000. The infographic below outlines interest statistics and facts regarding the movie industry.

Film Industry Statistics and Trends

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