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43 Good Catchy Cruise Slogans

The cruise line industry generates an estimated $42 billion a year in economic revenue. More than 350,000 jobs operate within the cruise line industry, leading to more than $17 billion in paid wages. With a competitive industry of more than 60 major cruise lines that operate within it, the environment, safety of travel, comfort levels, and vacation experiences are all a primary part of finding success. The following listing of cruise line slogans from existing companies are provided below to help inspire your own unique development for a new marketing tagline.

A different kind of cruise.
At home the world over.
Better prices. Exceptional people.
Between the sea and the sky.
Born to Cruise. Forced to Work.
Cruising Italian style. That’s amore.
Dedicated to luxury cruising.
Designed for you.
Dream. Explore. Discover.
Experience the magic onboard.
Exploring the world in comfort.
Feel like a person, not a passenger.
Freestyle cruising.
From here, it’s another world.
Fun for All. All for Fun.
It’s all about the people.
Leading the way in river cruising.
Let Your Dreams Set Sail.
Luxury goes exploring.
The Celebrity treatment.
The cruise for people who don’t do cruises.
The difference is Crystal clear.
The Easy Way to Get Away.
The language of enjoyment.
The most famous ocean liners in the world.
The right cruise at the right price.
The Sea is Calling. Answer it Royally.
The true value of luxury.
The value of experience.
The world’s most beautiful voyage.
This is way more than a cruise.
Tradition is back in style.
Ultimate Luxury.
Untouched. Unmatched. Unforgettable.
Way more than a cruise.
We live it. You’ll love it.
We put the romance back into cruising.
We’ve cruised everywhere…
Where you are free of whatever.
Where your dreams become reality.
You haven’t lived until you’ve cruised.
You’ll love where we take you.
Your dreams… From sea to shore.

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