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41 Catchy Rationing Slogans

During times of great wars, rationing has been a way to preserve resources and meet demand for military and civilians alike. These catchy rationing slogans highlight some of the greatest slogans ever used to raise awareness and get citizens to take action immediately.

A clean plate means a clear conscience.
A garden will make your rations go further.
Americans! Share the meat as a wartime necessity.
Are you breaking the law? Patriotic Canadians will not hoard food.
Buy Wisely, Cook Carefully, Eat it All.
Dig for victory, grow your own vegetable.
Do with less so they’ll have enough.
Do your bit, save food.
Doctor carrot. The children’s best friend.
Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
Don’t waste gasoline, rubber, money.
Eat more cottage cheese. You’ll need less meat.
Eat, to beat the devil.
Every available piece of land must be cultivated. Grow your own food and supply your own cookhouse.
Food is a weapon. Don’t waste it.
Food, Don’t Waste it.
Get your farm in the fight.
Have you really tried to save gas by getting into a car club.
I’m in this fight too.
Keep Calm and Keep Rationing.
Lend a hand on the land at a farming holiday camp.
Lick the platter clean. Don’t waste food.
Meat must come in smaller chunks till we lick those axis skunks.
Of Course I Can! I’m patriotics as can be and ration points won’t worry me.
Plant a victory garden. Our food is fighting.
Playing fair with ration books is one sure way to beat those crooks.
Rationing is sharing with our fighters and neighbors.
Rationing means a fair share for all of us.
Save a loaf a week. Help win the war.
Save the wheat and help the fleet. Eat less bread.
Save waste fats for explosives. Take them to your meat dealer.
Save Waste Fats.
Save Wheat, Meat, Fats, Sugar, and Serve the Cause of Freedom.
Sugar. Save it.
Take only what you can eat.
Use conservation methods for bigger yields now.
Use it Up. Wear it out. Make it do.
Use spades, not ships. Grow your own food.
Where’s the meat?
Women of the home. Now is the time to do your bit.
Yes, complete victory. If you eat less bread.

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