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101 Catchy Magazine Slogans and Popular Taglines

We have compiled a list of some of the catchiest magazine slogans and tag lines ever thought up. After the slogans, you will then see the Greatest Magazine Names of All-Time and our special edition post that reveals the Perfect Slogan Formula.

A life full of the best stories.
A lot can happen in a week.
A New Look. A New Read.
A new perspective on stories.
A new Read of Today.
Adding Moments of Good Reading.
Affordable Ideas.
Always both sides of the news.
American Home has an edifice complex.
Better Read. Better Person.
Briefing you with more.
Britain’s first weekly glossy.
Business – the inside story.
Capitalist Tool.
Champagne for the brain.
Every FORTUNE Tells The Story.
Every Issue Counts.
Excellence in Every Word.
Expand your mind, change your world.
Fearless Conversation.
First For Celebrity News.
First of All News.
First. The conversation starts here.
For the men in charge of change.
For the overwhelming minority.
For those who get turned on by cars.
For top laps.
Free enterprise with every issue.
From Here to There.
Full of Reading.
Get to know the world.
Heart of Magazines.
Home page for the world’s business leaders.
Hot Stuff.
How Money Becomes Wealth.
How the Smart Money Gets That Way.
If it wasn’t in VOGUE, it wasn’t in vogue.
Impatience is a virtue.
Know the best part of Life.
Know the stories.
Lets you Read Life.
Life’s more interesting when you get Closer.
Live Better.
Live The Interesting Life.
Live Well. Read Well.
Made for Readers.
Making Publishing Marvels.
Mode for your abode.
Modern Read. Modern Business.
More interesting than life.
More than just economics.
Move for More.
News at a new level.
News Before the Market Knows.
News You Can Use.
News, unlike wine, does not improve with age.
No other gossip will do.
OK! First For Celebrity News.
Promoting Stories with More Insight.
Read Lifestyle.
Read Outside of the Box.
Read the Dreams.
Read the Inside Story.
Read the world today.
Read Travel. Be the Traveler.
Read your Best Life Stories.
Read, Live, Inspire.
Ready for your Sip.
Real health. Real beauty.
Reap the rewards of Money.
Sharing what you want.
Spark Initiative.
Spark New Inspirations.
Sparks and Mensa.
Start the Conversation.
Stories to know.
Stories you want to read.
Story Full of Insides.
Style Which is Timeless.
The conversation starts here.
The Economist. For top laps.
The eyes of Brazil.
The most important magazine to the world’s most important people.
The news. Clear and accurate.
The Read of Your Dream.
The read of your life every fortnight.
The Real Expert.
The spirit of adventure.
This month in Crescer.
Tons of Inspiration on Every Page.
Understanding comes with TIME.
Updated Daily.
Virtue of Reading.
We want advertising that’s wanted.
Wise Reading.
Your Kind of Magazine.
Your Mind. Magazine.

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The following infographic outlines the popularity of digital versus print for magazines and newspapers. The rising popularity in mobile devices and e-readers have doubled in the past year.

Digital Reading for Newspapers vs Print

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